Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happee Fangsgivings!

I remember when my grandfather - my mom's dad - came to Thanksgiving in Texas when I was little. He always wanted to go on a walk.

It's not usually very cold here at Thanksgiving, but this year it is, and one year when he came it was. For some reason that particular walk was very memorable - stomping around our neighborhood, freezing, watching little swirly winds carry the leaves around. Not really anyone around, to speak of.

I was pretty young - maybe the reason it's so memorable is that it was the first time I really remember Texas feeling like autumn. Doesn't happen very often, you know. :)

If it's not 30 squillion below zero where you are today you should take one of these quiet holiday walks. Bring a little stir-crazy human. Maybe they'll blog about it in for- er, twenty something years.
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Ink: Basic Black, Daffodil Delight, Peach Parfait, Pumpkin Pie (see how I did that?)
Paper: Whisper White
Accessories: Birch Drinking Straw, flattened, rhinestones
Oh! And happee fangsgivins <3 me & hand turkey :).



  1. Your posts either make me laugh out loud or get a lump in my throat! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Postponing that walk, it's 26 right now and to this girl, it feels like 30 zillion degrees below!

  2. This is a great family tradition and so meaningful! Have a wonderful day, and I hope you get to take in a walk!

  3. My family used to go for those walks when I was a kid too! Funny how we get out of the habit sometimes. I remember swirly leaves too! :)


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