Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meet Me At The Vanishing Point

I took a drawing class last weekend with Eve Larson.

It was hard. And most excellent.

We spent a lot of time on perspective, which was really cool. One exercise was to work on the vanishing point, and she turned it into a sweet love story.

There are these two little lines.

They love each other, but they are parallel, so they go on and on and on, never to be together.

But in this one magical place, they meet.

They meet out on the horizon, at the vanishing point.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it isn't okay, it isn't the end. :)

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I made this card using today's Northern Lights tutorial on Splitcoast. I was really taken with her sample.

I've seen the northern lights exactly once in my life. It was the summer that I lived in Friendship, Maine.

Maine is an odd place. When I was little, we went camping there and I remember being creeped out by it then too. It's cold, even in the summer, and it was the first place I ever saw leeches and a bullfrog as big as a galvanized trashcan. It was also the first place I ever had a Necco Wafer (gross), given to me by the old guy that fished on the dock near our campsite every day. That was before you weren't supposed to take candy from strangers. I am still transported back to the moment when I tasted that horrid thing on the dock whenever I see them at the store. Who the heck thought they could call that candy and get away with it?

As an adult, I was also a little creeped out by Maine - the landscape there is troubling to me - I don't like water or coastlines, and the trees there are tall so I can't get a good look at the sky. I'm a prairie girl and it's so deep in my psyche that I just get freaked out in places that look like Maine.

But one night, driving home from my job in Camden, I saw the northern lights. An alien spaceship may as well have landed in front of me - that's how bizarre and terrifying it was. The lights weren't colorful like my card - they were just shades of a deep red. It looked like a big theater curtain rippling across the sky. After I processed the sight and realized it wasn't the end of the world and it was a normal phenomenon, I enjoyed it as one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. Creepy and wonderful.



  1. Really lovely sponging effect. I also like the highlighting of the tree. A real beauty of a card.

  2. Truly beautiful - even better that the tutorial :D TFS

  3. Gorgeous card!!!
    I've never seen the Northern Lights - sometimes visible here in Rochester but I always seem to miss it.

  4. Lydia, this is a wonderful blog post! The card is exquisite #loveitandImeanit But your words are just as dynamic. Wonderful descriptions. Both card and post met on the horizon, at the vanishing point. Love them both. : )

    Susie ~

  5. Just popped by to say hello and as always you worked that cool mojo of yours.

    Nice to see you,

    Peggy, the nut xo


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