Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glowing Lights

At almost EXACTLY this time last year, I was reading along in the Splitcoast forums  and found a thread where someone was wanting a blurry Christmas light effect on her card.

As always happens, a genius - in this case Gregzgurl (Sue) - popped along a few posts later and figured out how to do it.

So since sometimes Beate leaves the place unlocked, I snuck in and did the tutorial today on just that - glowing lights. As Sue says, it's really pretty simple - just a dot of white gel pen and my pastels, which I've really been neglecting. They are perfect for this technique.

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  And it doesn't have to be Christmas lights either - I think it's adorable for little skyscrapers.
That incredibly perfect greeting is from Feel Goods.

Wanna see a video on how to do it? Sure you do - you're off today right? If not, just watch it at work. :).



  1. That Sue is so smart! Great technique. *wonders where Pastels are*

  2. That's such a wonderful and easy to do technique! Thanks for showing us how. I do have some unloved pastels and I know where they are! Lol!

  3. this is SO cute and so simple! i love hearing you narrate your videos; you should talk Beate into letting you make more of these. :D

    can't wait to see what you come up with for your Christmas card this year. i don't imagine it will include glowing lights, as those would be very labor intensive.


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