Friday, November 1, 2013


We were disenfranchised last night.

You hear a lot about this these days. You know - politicians LOVE to talk about people being disenfranchised. In Texas right now everyone apparently is disenfranchised because they have to show their ID to vote.

Oh - but wait...

I grew up in Bryan, TX. We had to drive to TEMPLE for Chick Fil-A. I UNDERSTAND disenfranchised.

Well, we did have Taco Bell, but that's not quite the same. Oh - wait - a different sort of franchise?

Anyway, last night, we were disenfranchised on the most awesome night of the year - Halloween.

I had oodles of candy, a Grumpy Cat pumpkin, a bright porch light, bat ears and enthusiasm, and yet there was just a trickle of trick-or-treaters.

Why? I could hear voices on the street.

I knew they were out there, so I kept going outside to find out why they weren't coming over.

And then I saw that they weren't coming to any of my immediate neighbors either. Hmm. We ALL had lights on. One of my neighbors was even sitting on her porch enticing them with candies. But nothing.

I walked down to my friend Lee's house - she had the good sense to have drinks and grilled meats in her driveway. Still - no little tots begging for candy.

Standing in her driveway, I looked out at the hordes of people tromping down the opposite side of the street and I found the source of our disenfranchisement.


The other side of the street has a sidewalk.

Our side doesn't.

Those little pantywaists will only visit the houses with a sidewalk.

We were all crushed.

We yelled.

That didn't really help our cause.

Still, they are pantywaists. I hope they got licorice in their bags. Or dental floss.

Anyhoo. I still celebrated Halloween righteously, by making an awesome, glittery sugar skull insert for my Z Becky Brown bag.

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I used a TCW Mexican Skull Stencil I got in Santa Fe and sponged Whisper White Ink through it onto my Ziva Papers insert.

Then I used that as my guide to add glue and glitter!

The background swirls are just Caran D'Ache Pablo pencil on the white.

Next year, I'm going to stage something very scary on the sidewalks across the street to drive the kids over to us.




  1. My head just exploded! That's why the little buggers don't come here...the fact we don't have a sidewalk on our side of the road...the additional fact that there is park and no houses on the other side of the road could also add to the low numbers! We did manage to entice about 100.. Added is the fact that I live on the boreingest street In our hood with a bunch of Halloween losers who don't decorate. I may have to move before next Halloween!
    Love the bag! Keep that stencil..I need to make something in January with it ok? Thanks love you too.

  2. Well, you would be proud of my little Hogwarts' student. We hit every house we came to, criss-crossing the street like we were playing life-sized Frogger. She was not going to let the lack of sidewalks, street lights, or anything reflective on her black cloak to stop her from getting the goods. Maybe next year she should trick-or-treat your neighborhood and show them how it is done!

  3. HAHA!! We have trick-or-treaters AND a sidewalk. PFFT!!! But, lemme just say that some of those little boogerheads I would have gladly put on a plane WITH taxi money straight for your house instead. This era of entitlement HAS to stop. Grrr!!! Boo Humbug!!

    PS - Loving that Dia de los Muertos stencil. It rocks. Like you. <3

  4. Aw what a Drag! Muddy ditches filled with alligators who were bred in the sewers wouldn't have stopped us when we were kids! ;) I can not even believe how off the hook incredible your sparkly skull is. Stunning! Happy belated Halloween.

  5. ROFL!!!! A little thing like NO sidewalks never stopped my kids...there were NO sidewalks on either side of the street! Next year buy the candy YOU LIKE so you can have all of it for yourself!!!

    Oh, and the purse is amazing!!! I was scared for a minute at your title along with the gorgeous purse. How could that be disenfranchised!

  6. We had no sidewalks where I grew up, I was in the mountains of rural North Carolina. We went anyway. I love that handbag. Children these days are so spoiled. My mom threw us out in the morning and don't come home until supper.


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