Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grumpy McGrumpypants Thinks I Can't Read

I just got back from Charlotte, NC.

If you ever need a new urban vacation destination to put on your list, might I recommend Charlotte?

Incredibly clean downtown - no graffiti, no homeless people, very safe, very beautiful. Amazing food. The world's sweetest people - who I used to think lived in Memphis - live in Charlotte. Seriously, the world's sweetest.

Well, except one.

The first morning of the show, we were walking to the convention center, which is right across the street from this giant Nascar Hall of Fame.

We were on the sidewalk in front of the convention center, and this grumpy old bat and her friend were in front of the Nascar Hall of Fame. Specifically, they were standing right next to this sidewalk sign outside the parking garage.

We paused for a second, looking for the door into the convention center, giving Grumpypants the opportunity to scream at us from across the street.

"WHERE IS THE NASCAR HALL OF FAME???" Crabby McCrabberson screams at us. I'm CERTAIN all of her emails are in all caps with multiple punctuation marks.

Like this: "WHY CAN'T I LOG IN?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?"

Anyway, I say (because we're only 20 feet apart and I didn't need to bellow) "You're standing right in front of it - it's the building behind you."

Now normally when you help someone with directions, orienteering and the like, they thank you and proceed along their new route, grateful for the assistance.

This was not the case with Crankybutt. Nooooo - instead, she yells at me:

CAN'T YOU READ?????!!?!?!?"


Excuse me?

First of all, I'm not just in the south, I'm in the deep south. We don't behave like this, you obvious foreigner.

Secondly - it's 7:30 in the morning - how in the world are you this much of a beast already today?

Third - NASCAR is not for bitter, yelly people like you. You should go find a UFC fight. You beast. You cranky, cranky, ungrateful beast.

As a bubbly, ENTJ type person, I'm always really taken aback by people who are mean when I am trying to help them. But because I have a J in my ENTJ, I also really want to poke those people with a cattle prod.

I didn't.

But I wanted to. Gah. Mean old bat.

As if the universe wanted to get us back to even Steven, we met these AMAZING people once safely inside the show.

This sweet girl makes these AMAZING dioramas inside antique watch cases, and necklaces out of fun things like door latches she finds at estate sales.

The ladies below are the Neko sisters. Not just the sweetest three generation crafters in the world, but Megumi (left) was teacher of the year!!

We had so much fun getting to know them and experiencing their art. I bought a print from them of some original artwork by the Empress of Japan. Very cool. They had these stunning collage kits with beautiful Japanese paper, handmade origami dolls and much more. Even if nothing else had been awesome about this trip, meeting these ladies would have been worth it.

I made this card for grumpypants, to try to encourage her to live in the sunshine. :)

The ric rac is a gift from my friend Melanie at convention.So cute and delicate.

The stamp is Regarding Dahlias and I just did the frosted watercolor technique on it.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Please don't yell at me.

And if you come across some of these grumpy people, just taser them and save yourself some time.



  1. She probably was pre-caffeine. I feel sorry for her, and you.

  2. People get out of hand in a town without a Tru-Valu on Main Street.

  3. Love this card. The muted tones are lovely. As for Ms. Grumpy, we INTP 's are sure to concur with the tasering option as a public service. :-)

  4. Did she really expect the NASCAR Center to be open at 7:30am? It's a wonder you didn't hear her roar when she faced the locked door! I got a kick out of your post even though I am not up on the latest labels for personality types.

  5. Is it possible to make me laugh ANY harder??????!!!! CAN YOU?????? Tee hee!!!! OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. LOL! Can you make me laugh any harder??? CAN YOU???? hahhaha OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!

  7. i just have to share that i scored 100% on the P vs J portion of the Myers-Briggs, so i REALLY understand how you were feeling! glad you had a great time. wish there was a website or something for the sweet girl making the dioramas. grumpy crabbypants must've rattled you for you to not have gotten that tidbit of info from the sweet, fun gal!

  8. Ha, Mizz Grumpy McGrumpypants should feels doubly ashamed for we all know that not only are you a fabulous reader but also one of the world's most amazing writers. I love reading your posts, and your card is stunning! That kraft flower. Ouuuu!

  9. I've been looking for info on the frosted watercolor technique. What is it?

  10. I've not heard of the frosted watercolor technique before - it's fan-tab-u-lous....is there a tutorial floating around that'll show us the "how to"???


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