Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Tiny, Unintentional Roller Skate Season!

This is a very important PSA for all my readers.

This is an extremely dangerous time of year.

In the spring, it's floods. In the summer, it's the heat, the snakes, the bugs.

In the winter, wait - what am I talking about? We don't have winter!

But that leaves the season of peril - fall.

Now mind you, the temperature doesn't really change here, just the calendar. But we are imperiled none the less. By what, you ask?

By tiny, unintentional roller skates, known in some parts of the world as acorns.

They rain down and cover the earth in a dangerous, slippery carpet of death here in the land of oaks.

We have a month or so where we all look like this:

It's like having an evil, outdoor child who lays out marbles every night.

It's added fun if you have a sloping driveway, where, by some acorn magic, the carpet of acorns can cling to the concrete long enough for you to step on them, at which point they start their rolling madness.

Be careful out there, people.

I'd prefer to skip this stage and go straight to winter, which of course we don't have.

If we did, it would look like this card I made for Lori's Hope You Can Cling To challenge - Courage & Strength. We had to use orange or red on a CAS card, so I CASED a card from my friend Chriss - who used these adorable birch drinking straws as trees on a card at our last meeting.

The Merry is from the awesome Expressions Thinlits set. The little birdie is a Martha Stewart punch.

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Lucky little bird. Doesn't have to worry about tiny, unintentional roller skates!

Watch your step, peeps - we just have to make it to winter!



  1. You need to figure out a way to craft with those little roller skates and give them a purpose. Collect them and get them off the driveway!

  2. Deer love acorns. We used to have a huge oak tree and the deer would eat every stinking one. I wanted them to craft with and they were all gone.

  3. Very clever, Miss Lydia the tattooed lady. (I swear he is singing the cat lady.) I'm sure I will be trying this.


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