Monday, July 1, 2013

I've Got Leprechauns In My Tomatoes

Okay - you know the song about the ant moving the rubber tree plant right? (you're welcome for the earworm)

Well last week, when the Other came home for lunch, we saw that our giant tub and trellis for our two 7' tall tomato plants had fallen over on our porch this morning.

It's HEAVY - took two of us to stand it back up. Now mind you, we had a crazy wind storm more than a month ago with 60 mph gusts and nothing like this happened.

I, of course, assumed leprechauns.

I don't know what German people assume, so I'll have to ask.

Anyway, I go to get my allergy shot, come back, and it's back flat on the ground.

Now I'm cursing in a very unladylike way at the leprechauns, because I have to stand it back up by myself. I totally understand why my ancestors were so annoyed by the pesky little buggers.

I wrangle it up, and notice that it's sitting on a funky bump on our patio, which might be the problem, so I scoot it a bit to see if I can find a flatter place.

That's when I see it.



When I moved it I realized how serious it was - they FREAKED OUT and were grabbing their gross fire ant eggs. Sorry fire ants, but your babies are disgusting. I'm sure you think they're great, but no one else does.

They ARE as strong as everyone says.

I had to really do a pretty lame temporary fix, involving my pretty baker's twine, two logs and a shovel, until the Other arrived home. But it worked and the gross ant babies are gone.

Speaking of gone, today is the last day for my beloved Google Reader. :(

If you subscribe to my blog via Reader, you'll have to switch to Feedly (what I'm using) or Bloglovin (which I would never use because the name is so stupid, but I've heard good things about) ASAP.

Now for two pieces of exciting news!

First, my Paper Share from the new catalog is now open! This share costs $20 (that includes shipping) and it gets you a 66 sheet 6x6 pad - 1 sheet each of all the new designs in the catalog!

You can sign up here right now - space is limited!

If you do sign up, I will send you the cutting instructions for my One Sheet Wonder (cards below). This pattern makes 12 cards and a little tote bag to put them in.

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The second piece of exciting news is that convention is right around the corner! And as usual, I will have live coverage running right here on my blog so that you won't miss a thing. Join me starting July 15th for a tour of the manufacturing facility at Stampin' Up!, a trip to the Grand Canyon, Shelli's childhood home (that's where we're staying) and then of course the main event! It's going to be a blast and I can already tell I will not be sleeping much. I'll need to channel that ant strength!



  1. It's Old Reader for me - while I lost a couple of feeds that weren't RSS, you migrated safely :D.
    What a gorgeous set of cards - my favourite is the flight of grey butterflies. Followed by the blue butterflies... I guess I'm in a butterfly mood.

  2. Oh man those are some gorgeous cards. Such a great use of paper. I hear you about the Leprechauns, somebody keeps chopping our beans off (even after replanting) & sunflowers too. Harrumph! PS. Yes, fire ant eggs ARE gross.

  3. Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaww! LOVE the paper-share! Thank mucha buncha!

    The vehemouth fire ant colony? Wish I knew the RIP answer for every single evil little one.

    Have a fantabulous time in Utah!



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