Thursday, July 4, 2013

Washi-ing You a Happy Independence Day!

I love this country, as I'm quite  sure you know.

I have this image in my mind, and in my heart, of the purity of our constitutional republic.

There's something in my Irish DNA that is forever entwined with the principles of American constitutionalism and human individual liberty.

Sometimes, people confuse patriotism with perfectionism.

I do not, because I am a human, and humans have no knowledge of perfection. Only psychopaths understand perfection. :)

So when I say I love something, that means I love it in all of its glorious imperfection, like I love a sunflower or a squirrel, or a piece of bacon.

Such love of imperfect things comes in handy on July 3rd, when a person is making their Independence Day card, which is quite simple, but they find that even WITH the stamp-a-ma-jig, they cannot for the life of them stamp their images straight, and end up throwing away 8 sheets of Whisper White cardstock with horribly crooked images on them.

But what's great about both America and stamping is that you can just keep trying till you get it right.

So I did.

I hope you have a great Independence Day, and that you think about what independence truly means.

It's not cheap, free or perfect.

Nothing worth having is.

Stamps: Tape It 
Ink: Briliant Blue, Real Red
Cardstock: Whisper White

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  1. I love the card but I think your write up touches me deeper than Bacon!!! God Bless the USA!!!

  2. I so enjoy reading your posts! I like your take on the 4th and patriotism!!! TFS that it took 8 pieces to get it right!!! So encouraging! It's nice to know that it's not just me that has to trash expensive CS!!!!! I love how your card turned out! Isn't it crazy how a CAS card can take FOREVER to get just right?! Happy 4th!!!!

  3. DUDE.....I am so in LURVE with this card!!! :)

  4. Love your card and your beautiful red, white and blue heart. ♥

    God Bless America

  5. Such gorgeousness on card & in your thoughts! Happy belated Independence day from this Canuck. ;)


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