Monday, July 8, 2013

Never Trust an Echidna!

I'm reading a fascinating book right now. Actually two books, but I don't want you to get distracted.

So I'm just going to stick with the one for now.

It's a book about reading body language, and it's written by a former FBI agent. It is FASCINATING.

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At one point in the book he talks about deception, and says that your neocortex is the area of your brain that is what is responsible for deception. Well, not just deception, but if you're lying, that's where it's coming from. About 1/3 of our brain is neocortex.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Right after I read that section, my sister called me and asked me about an animal that looked like a porcupine, but laid soft shelled eggs and had a beak. I said, "an echidna?" and she said "YES - that's what it is." So I went to get her the Wikipedia link so she could read more about them and I see that the echidna's brain is HALF neocortex! OMG they must be SOOOOO devious!!

Do NOT trust one. Do NOT buy real estate from them. Do NOT take one to Vegas. NEVER let an echidna marry your daughter.

Now we are exactly ONE WEEK AWAY from my departure for convention! SQUEE!

You know what that means - my LIVE coverage will begin on Monday. This year, you'll be following me to Kanab, where a group of us are going to tour the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility for the first time ever, visit the Grand Canyon, and spend two nights in Shelli's childhood home! Nope - I'm not kidding! It's going to be a hoot! Then follow us back to Salt Lake where we will have my 10th annual Understand Blue Happy Hour kickoff event on Wednesday, and the beginning of convention itself on Thursday. Tune in right here on Monday and watch it all live! You will be able to ask questions in the comment section.

If you are attending and would like to sign up for the happy hour, please do so here. I will have a small gift for the first 30 or so people to arrive :).

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Stamps: S.W.A.K. (retired), Priority Mail 
Ink: Real Red, Sahara Sand, Early Espresso
Accessories: Rhinestone, Label Punch, Airmail Twine

Hopefully we will encounter an echidna at the Grand Canyon and I can show you a video of me trying to trick him with Iocane Powder :).



  1.!! you're getting to go on THAT trip!!! wow. i knew you when. you have arrived.

    lookin' forward to your coverage, although i wish i could beam myself there to have sushi lunch with you at you know where. strawberry fields forever!

  2. Your play by play webcasting is my favorite annual event! Since I will not be at convention I am making sure I am home to watch!!

  3. Holy cow! I KNEW I was hob knobbin' with a special peep!!!! At Shellu's house???? WHAT?????

    I will try and remember to log in for deets!!!! Life broadcast of the happy hour too????? ;)


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