Friday, June 21, 2013

Dobby is FREE!

So yesterday, I walked all the way to Starbucks (exactly a mile away) with a static-filled black sock stuck on my shirt.

That's right.

I'm sure Condoleeza Rice and JK Rowling do this sort of thing all the time.

I got up to the door of Starbucks, where the sock finally gave up, slithered down my arm and plopped onto the ground.

I was mortified.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to pick it up and yell "DOBBY IS FREE!!"

But I just stuck it in the waistband of my tennis skirt and pretended it didn't happen.

 Maybe today will go a little more smoothly.

Happy first day of summer! This year, Austin is as close to on schedule as it's ever been, thanks to a really unusually cool spring. It was only 94 yesterday which is unheard of for the summer solstice!

I did two challenges today - the Free For All Friday challenge to make a summery card, and the Mix-Ability challenge, which is to make brilliant pastels - use bright colors and then tone them down with paint or Gesso.

I stamped flowers from Flower Shop in Crushed Curry, Melon Mambo and Coastal Cabana, punched them out with the matching Pansy Punch, and then used an ITunes freebie card from Starbucks and some white gesso to do Kyra's nifty trick from this video. Then I stamped the flowers in full strength ink on the card base for a shadow and popped them up. The greeting is in Baked Brown Sugar from Regarding Dahlias.

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My advice for you this Friday?

Check yourself for socks before you leave the house.



  1. Hilarious story Lydia!

    Very pretty card, love how you stamped a colored shadow under the popped up Flowers.

  2. In the winter my 12 yr old son goes to school with one of my black trouser socks inside the pant leg of his athletic pants. When he comes home complaining I tell him it's just my way of saying, "I'm thinking of you and love you." He's not buying it. Who does your laundry?

  3. You always make me smile!!! We left the house today and did a little local shopping downtown, NO socks in tow! Thanks for the advice! :) LOVE your card. Love your take on the challenge! I love seeing how the MIX challenges can also be CAS. Can't wait to play in the mix-ability challenge.

  4. I'm so happy that master gave Dobby clothes! I have tears rolling, and would have paid for your coffee to have seen you discover the sock. At least it wasn't a pair of undies!

    Love the card as always, and the story started my day off great.

  5. Free Dobby... Free Dobby... Free Dobby... didn't you hear them chanting all the way to Starbucks..... lol

    Great Card!!!


  6. The card is so pretty!
    At 16, I found a sock of my mom's dragging from the back of my pants working as a carhop...good times! :)

  7. Your story made me laugh out loud and brought tears. Yes Free Dobby!!! I had a friend over one day and we were making tags and I use rags to clean stamps and I did have some old raggy undies that were mixed in!!! I was very embarrassed. Love the card.

  8. Thanks for the laugh. . Really wish I had the nerve (and cleverness) to say things like "Dobby is FREE"! It usually comes to me a day or 2 later!
    Gorgeous card btw,


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