Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's a Mirage...

Since I grew up in Tejas, I'm very familiar with HOT. I remember being fascinated with mirages as a kid - it's a common sight on our long stretches of asphalt in the summer.

I don't pretend to know why we only see them when it's beastly hot, or why we see them at all.

I started to read about it in Wikipedia but then I noticed that Maddie had glitter on her ear, which made me take a picture, which made me download the pictures I'd taken earlier today, which reminded me about Candy Crush, because one of my geocaching friends from this morning was playing it and then:

You know how that goes.

Anyway, I'm hosting a Virtual Stamp Night challenge on Splitcoast tonight!

I have to say, the challenges have been amazing. I had some work things to sort out today, so I'm five challenges behind, but I have enjoyed the ones I've been able to do - they've been amazingly creative!

The theme is the Dog Days of Summer, which was the inspiration for my challenge, called "It's a Mirage."

My idea was to create a little mirage in the center of a scene. To do this, I ask that you use the no line coloring method - tutorial can be found here - and the spotlighting technique - tutorial here - to create your mirage.

I chose the Pleasant Poppies image for mine because, well, I'm obsessed with it. I used my Artograph Lightpad, which I'm also obsessed with, and Derwent Inktense pencils to create my mirage.

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I even did a video for you if you're just dying of boredom and there are no glittery cats and squirrels around. :) Click here if you don't see the video player below to watch the process.

Hope you can come play along.

Unless a squirrel intervenes.


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  1. Brilliant & beautiful technique. Just like You! Hope you're having a lovely day. :o)


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