Friday, June 14, 2013

The Zombie Metabolism

Yes, more zombie talk.

Now I'm wondering about their metabolism.

They walk around, non-stop, looking for that rare, delicious, non-zombie to feast on. They never sleep, they just walk. Hence, Walking Dead.

So since they can do this on basically 300 calories per year, I'm wondering what would happen if they really got to start to eat all the time. Would they just get hugely fat since they clearly have the metabolism of super sloths? If so, it might be something to think about for the zombie apocalpyse.

Maybe we could stockpile politicians and reality TV stars for them to eat, let them get so fat they can't chase us, and then we can defeat them.

Bonus - post-zombie apocalypse, we are free of politicians and reality TV stars! Should I throw in large phone company executives while we're in the planning stages? Let me know if I've left off any important zombie food sources. OH - infomercial stars. See? This is going to be fun!

Today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast is to shade with black. Dina's video is absolutely mesmerizing. So much so that I basically just did what she did for my challenge card.

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First, I stamped the washi tape image from Tape It in Crushed Curry. Then, Off the Grid in Smoky Slate - my new favorite color. Then I stamped the floral from Backyard Basics on the grid and colored it all in with CG4 Touch Twin marker so that if you look at the card from the side, you don't see white paper underneath, you see a shadow. I just really like the dimension that extra step gives. If you want to see a much more artistic development of this technique, check out this AWESOME tutorial on creating 3D images.

Then I stamped the floral again on a scrap and cut it out with the (SQUEE) matching framelit and colored it with Touch Twin Markers. (B67, B182, CG4, CG1) I added the required black shading with a black Prismacolor pencil as Dina demonstrated, and then added dots with my white gel pen. One of my favorite artists in the world right now is over at Lollyrot Scrapbooking. I love how dark and saturated her images are and how she always adds flecks of white to them. Gives it a dreamy effect I think. This was the blog post where I fell in love with her work. So amazing. Since I like so much white on my cards I'll never be able to do what she does, but I sure have fun looking at it.

Finally, I sponged some Crushed Curry ink through some drywall tape and popped up my flower on dimensionals. I love the drywall tape because it has a light adhesive so it stays in place while you sponge. I love how it's sort of the reverse of the Off the Grid stamp, too. And a roll of it will last you long past the zombie apocalypse, believe me.

Hope you have a great weekend coming up - free of politicians and zombies and phone company executives.



  1. What about piece of shit neighbors, can we throw them into the mix as well?

    Oh, fabby card, absolutely love it!

  2. OMGosh, that is hilarious!!! My first choice would be the reality TV "stars", but how about the drivers that pull out in front of you, you have to slam on your brakes to miss them, there were no cars behind you, and then they immediately turn right at the road 2o feet ahead.


  3. I must apologize for not commenting very often. You definitely deserve comments. I adore your sense of humor. I can be having a horrible day but be laughing out loud by the time I finish reading your blog. Don't ever stop posting, please! BTW, I love your cards too!

  4. How about adding people who don't say thank you when you give them a gift? I mean is it that hard?

  5. There dead so they shouldn't be hungry at all. But if they were to eat than politians would be a good snack! Hahaha!!!

  6. There dead so they shouldn't be hungry at all. But if they were to eat than politians would be a good snack! Hahaha!!!


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