Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hide and Seek for Grownups

One of my Twitter peeps posted a shocking photo yesterday.

You can see that photo here.

I don't know if Costco sells calendars, but if they do, they need to crack one out and look at it.

It's AUGUST, for goodness' sake!

The ONLY people who are allowed to even PONDER the holiday season are stampers. Everyone else should stifle all Christmas-y urges accordingly.


So I bring you a Christmas ditty, since I'm allowed.

A very simple Christmas ditty using the beautiful Noel Notes from the Holiday mini - they are precut and come with a pretty, vanilla scalloped insert. The envelopes have a cute green insert.

These would make fun Christmas cards with very little work. I also think that you could just slip a photo into the frame, add the insert and have a photo card that doesn't look like everyone else who got theirs done at the same online Christmas card photo printer.

Since the end of the year is rushing at us, quick is very appealing! :)

I didn't want to spoil the simplicity of the design, so after I attached the insert I just punched a few vanilla trees with the Merry Minis punch and popped some of them up with dimensionals to make a teeny forest. I used this week's inspiration challenge as my starting point. I don't know how Stephanie keeps coming up with these amazing websites, but each week is better than the last. This week she chose LEIF. I used this Pantone teapot for my inspiration. 

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Now I have to tell you about my new obsession - geocaching!

My friend Lee came for a visit, and she and her husband are avid geocachers and they got me HOOKED!

If this had been around when I was little I don't think I ever would have gone to school. It's just like being Nancy Drew, which was always my lifelong dream.

Since I walk for a few hours every day anyway, this just adds a whole new level of fun and mystery to my stomps. 

I'm curious if any of you do this also? If so, please find me on www.geocaching.com - I'm understandblue. 

Seriously - look how fun this is. I'm totally addicted. I've only found 15 so far but I have zillions mapped out to find. Wanna play? (if you don't see a video below, click here) It's like Hide & Seek for people who would otherwise be considered grownups if not for the treasure hunting and stamping and whatnot.

Have you played today? It's good for your soul. Do something fun.



  1. 1. Love the card. Love the tiny forest all in white.
    2. Isn't geocaching a blast?? We started it about 7 years ago or so, when our kids were younger. At that time, we were constantly explaining to people what we were doing -- no had heard of it. SO fun!! I watched the videos. It looks like people have gotten really inventive with their caches. Perhaps DH and I could start this again. I'll have to start nagging... I mean encouraging it again.. thanks for the reminder.

  2. I'm a newbie Cacher too! Found any trackables yet?? That's where the real fun begins! :) I am mochfamily on geocaching.com


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