Thursday, August 16, 2012

What if my Cat is Just From HECK?

You've seen My Cat From Hell, right? If not, PLEASE get a season pass immediately.

I really don't watch TV - there are just a few exceptions for me. I watch the news, Food Network, and a few beloved series and sitcoms. TV just doesn't hold my interest like stamping does.

But THIS show is amazing. I was very skeptical the first time I watched it because I did not think there was a person on earth who could do the things this guy does with felines. But he is an amazingly intelligent and intuitive human being, and truly an expert at both understand and changing both human and feline behavior. I'm astounded at what I've learned from him, truly.

The cats on the show aren't really from hell. It's actually kind of heartbreaking how misunderstood they are, when you go into each show thinking - OH MY WORD that cat is from hell - and come out thinking - yikes, those people made that poor kitty miserable. If you have any sort of love for furry critters at all, you really need to give it look. And if you don't, I seriously doubt you'd be on my blog anyway! :)

So thank you, Jackson Galaxy, for an awesome, eye-opening show. 
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Ink: Daffodil Delight, Basic Black
Cardstock: Whisper White

So what I was wondering, though, is what if your cat is only from HECK? Or, in my case, your little sister cats? What if they've never laid tooth or nail on a human, including the vet? What if they've only been MILDLY bad? Shoot - mine might even be from DARN!!

But who is around to help me with the CONSTANT talking? I'm serious - these two (which we think have a Siamese in the woodpile) can TALK - they are like a cross between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. There is a LOT of talking, at ALL hours of the day and night! Maddie gets EXTREMELY angry about pizza for some reason and YOWLS when we try to eat it. Seriously. Pizza. Every time. Splotchy has to answer EVERY coyote yip in the middle of the night, like he's kinfolk or something. And there's some furniture scratching, and some packing tape eating and a few other things. But really only to the heck or darn level. So where's MY heck expert, anyway? Make a reality show out of THAT, Animal Planet!

Here are some of the things that make me not worry so much about all that heck though.

Here's what happens when I can't find Splotchy.

I know - it's cute right?

And here he is enjoying his new felted cat cave from Elevele. Thanks to Modern Cat for this find from Lithuania! This is incredible craftsmanship - even better than they look online and she included the sweetest handmade toy I've ever seen.

As predicted, my little burrower LOVES it and hopped in for a nap as soon as it was out of the box!

So, my little heckcats aren't worthy of a reality show, I guess. I'll just have to get earplugs. And find something to eat besides pizza.



  1. OMGosh, my kitteh used to burrow under my quilt just like that. When I couldn't find her, I looked for a lump on the bed. :)

  2. Lydia your story strikes such a chord with me! Our cats (we have three) our from Heck or Darn too, I reckon! Georgie (short for Georgette), who is the grand dame of the bunch, talks up a storm all the time and can smell chicken or bacon from a mile away even with all doors shut. Missy, who should have been called Madam, is a first class, prime Diva and tells us off if we dare to move while she's on our laps. And Riley, the gentleman, who tells us when he wants a cuddle and will ask for the door to be opened - not so he can go out, but so that Missy can come in. He also waits on the front porch each night for my husband to come home so the two men can stride in the door together! But their sweetness makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? Feline greetings from Down Under, Kez

  3. Great show! I found it while channel surfing one weekend. They were having a marathon and I almost flipped right by because I'm not really a cat person. I ended up getting sucked in watching episode after episode while I stamped. All the quirks and problems that I thought cats were he disproved.

    Love that flower image! Beautiful card!

  4. WEll..I think I need to see if I can stream some of those episodes!! We hve to put Storm, in lock up when we cook. I wonder if we could train her like the 3min episode I just watched!!! My kitties are from darn and heck too!! Very pretty card!!!!!

  5. Splotchy is too cute for words.

    And how do you make such simple but extraordinary cards??? It never ceases to amaze me.

  6. lydia, you know i'm a doggie gal, but splotchy and maddie are the exceptions to that...splotch reminds me of shadow. when i'd happen upon him laying sprawled out in the middle of where i wanted to walk, i would get closer and closer and he'd just continue to lay there, unfazed.

    i told michael after awhile that we needed to just let him be, because we have the furniture and all he had was the floor. apparently, splotchy also has full use of the furniture. like you could stop him!

    is Cats from Hell kind of like Dog Whisperer for cat owners?

  7. Ah yes...the famous kitty bump or kitty lump as they've been called in our household. Most of my pictures of Sandycat didn't really show a cat...just that "darn" lump.
    Never could figure out how cats can breathe under there I can't even handle a sheet over my nose!
    Give the little "heck" cats a "darn" big hug from me. Since I lost my furkids I'm getting my vicarious cat thrills through your little munchkins these days. Not sure about a Siamese in the woodpile or not but every kitty of Maddie's and my Wicketcats similar type seem to have that trait. According to the vet its pretty common in torties. Heck...Wicketcat used to outtalk the neighbors Siamese!
    Hugs and thanks for sharing the kids. Wonder if the Lithuanians make people size snuggies like that? :D

  8. Hello from Canada! I have been following you for about a month now and love your cards and stories. I especially enjoyed your cat video. I am a definite cat person. All cats are drawn to me, even ones who according to their people hate everyone. Enough blabbering on, I have to know if Splotchy is a tortoise shell? It's hard to tell in the picture. It's rare for males to be tortoise shells. I have one named Gypsy and she is incredible.

  9. My doggie is a burrower too. Most of the time she stays burrowed for up to an hour after I get out of bed, lol! My mom thought she was sick the first time she kept her over mom...she's just lazy, lol! And I wish I wasn't so deathly allergic to kittehs! I wantz one! We looked at the adoptable ones at Pesmart Sunday:(


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