Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, I Bought These Socks....

You know how the road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that?

Well, I bought these socks. 

Let me back up. I'm angry at all my socks. 

I walk about 100 miles per week. 

And for about 90 of those miles, my terrible ankle socks are slipping off my ankle and down underneath my heel in a big knot that makes me stabby. No matter what brand I've bought over the last few years, after a few washings, they all turn into the amazing disappearing sock. It's maddening.

The ones that don't slide go too high up on my ankle so that my weird tan lines are even weirder. What happened to good elastic/lycra/whatever that kept your sock on your foot? Probably the same thing that happened to cotton shoelaces that stayed tied and leaded gasoline. 

I ordered some new socks on Amazon last week - Nike socks - and I received them and they looked great. They were all bound together with that little plastic stick thingy, so I just broke that sucker and threw them all in the washer without looking at them. 

Then I tossed them in the dryer.

Then I realized my horrific mistake.

When I opened the dryer, I happily picked out Nike sock #1 with a pink swoosh. Then I reached for Nike sock #2.


It had a blue swoosh.


WHYYYYYY? Why not just make them all the same color so that if I had two socks on I was good to go? Why must you complicate my already complicated laundry/sock mismatched life with this wrinkle? Why do you hate me, sock people?

Socks should be two by two, no matter what.

Like on the ark. 
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DesignerLydia Fiedler
Paper: Whisper White, Fan Fair DSP
Ink: Memento
Touch Markersbg3 bg5 y36 br101 B182 bg178 R4 f124 b63 yr23 y34
AccessoriesBitty Banners Framelits, Dazzling Diamonds Glitter, Two Way Glue, Poppy Parade Ribbon

I made this card for both a VSN challenge and for the Touch Twin Color Challenge - I focused on the aqua, of course. 

I love this sweet new stamp and the banners and matching framelit. I had SO much fun coloring this and adding a teeny bit of glitter. 

So nice to play with things that match. That have a natural pair. Unlike my new socks. 

Oh. PS - I really like the socks. But if you see someone with a pink swoosh and a blue swoosh, please just politely look away. 



  1. Hilarious story Lydia! It's especially funny because this morning my husband was wondering why we have a box full of socks on top of the dryer! LOL! Your card is precious!!!

  2. mismatched socks are the worst!

    thank you though for enabling my wantmonster - i frickin love that stamp. damn you, Fiedler!

  3. Love, love, love your card. Nothing cuter than the Noah's ark and all the critters paired up, especially with glittered portholes! Pretty background papers, not all babyish.

    Now you will be like all my nieces and great nieces. They all wear unmatched socks! I think I am the only one in the world who still matches socks. I found some great ones a couple years ago and can't find them again so I can buy more. They are all white Peds footies with a band around the arch. They feel so good and never slide down in your sneaker. Made from a soft fine yarn so they aren't bulky and they don't get hot from foot friction. Darned if I can find more. :(

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!!! I love how you make me laugh with every post! You will seem so young and in style with your mismatched socks because all the kids on campus wear them that way!!! Personally, I HATE that all socks aren't solid white or solid black, it takes hours to sort all of my husbands black, almost black, not quite black, black with blacker black designs, etc. socks! You're coloring on Noah's Ark is perfect. This card is just too cute! Great choice for the background paper. That collection wasn't on my Wish List but it is now!

  5. I have finally just succumbed to the mismatched sock thing. I give up. I'm waving the white flag. I'm defeated.
    I'm done spending time trying to match my socks and hunt down missing mates.
    My socks don't match. I've over it.
    Love your card.. as always :-)

  6. Love This Card!!! TOO SWEET...

    For what it's worth.... 'cause I don't know your shoe size... I wear a 9 1/2... and I had the same problem with the no show socks... and then I notice most sock sizes for women ended at 9... then I saw the sizes for 9-10-11... and since then I've bought the larger size and have had no problems...


  7. Very funny!! I love my Nike socks. (Mine match, sorry) They never slip.

    Great card! I love the ark. Such a weakness, and you really are not helping any. :)



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