Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Ice Cream Kill Zone

It's summer.

What that means for us here in Austin is that each of us gets on Google Maps and finds out what stores are just inside the "ice cream kill zone." This kill zone is the difference between getting home with partially melted ice cream and getting home with a carton of overly sweetened milk. Getting home with frozen ice cream is not an option, silly rabbits.

It matters not what stores just shy of the kill zone boundary charge for things, sell or smell like. You're going to go to those stores or you are going to have fully cooked briskets, vegetables and more on your back seat in about 5 minutes.

Your driving patterns have to change to accommodate this shift. Were you a person who was otherwise inclined to take liberties with the speed limit - NO MORE! You cannot afford to get pulled over - that sort of delay creates its own kill zone.

Nope - you go lawfully and quickly to the nearest store, you get your items and the clock starts ticking. It's fight or flight time.

While I was sweating my badonk off on my summery walk last week I encountered the CUTEST dog!! His owner told me that he was a cross between a Maltese and a poodle. His hair was this beautiful mahogany color and he was SO teeny and floppy and sweet. I wanted to borrow him! And yes, by that I mean steal.

Then when I got my new Storybook friends stamp set I thought the little puppy looked JUST like my little buddy!

And yes, I squealed.

Then I colored him up for today's TTC19 challenge to feature anything with hair. My kind of challenge! And since these dogs actually have hair, not fur, I'm 100% technically accurate! :)

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Paper: Whisper White
InkDaffodil Delight, Pool Party, Memento Tuxedo Black
Accessories: Touch Twin Markers: BR102, Y36, BR101, 0, Washcloth, punch, pencil erasers, 1 3/4" Circle Punch

Don't you LOVE him??

To create his fur texture, I colored him and then put Colorless blender on a washcloth and dabbed the colored image to make it look like the real thing:

ACK! How cute is he????

To make the spots in the background, I just used a pencil eraser and Daffodil Delight and Pool Party Ink.

Happiness IS a warm puppy. :)



  1. Yes I do love him, that's an adorable card. But what I love even more is reading your blog!!! No matter how bad of a day I am having you make me smile. I was telling everybody at the monthly stamp camp that I attend about you last night and they were all anxious to get home to log in and read your wonderful stories. I love, Love, LOVE your stories!!! This is the ABSOLUTE BEST blog!!!

  2. I want that dog! The image on your card is adorable, kudos to Stamping Up for coming up with it and to you for the masterful coloring! *smile*

  3. What a sweet card and totally adorable little dog - he's a total cutie.
    Your post made me laugh - I can remember buying lettuce one time we were in staying in France, Pierre had asked us to bring some back. Well - let's say it had well and truly been in the kill zone before we got back to the house - you wouldn't even have made a wilted salad with it, LOL.
    And today, when I asked DH to bring in the shopping from the car because I didn't want the strawberries and raspberries sitting in the hot car too long, he added his own interpretation and popped them in the fridge, which is NOT what I wanted!!

  4. Don't you people have coolers in Tejas? We do that here - meat and dairy and frozen all go into coolers in the car for the trip home. You could drive to other stores! Think of the possibilities! :)

    And yes, that dog is stoopid-cute. I need to remember both the washcloth and pencil eraser ideas.


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