Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let's Ride... (Or Not)

I'm feeling a bit smirky about doing something I've never pulled off before.

Every year, for the past 18 years, I have unwittingly become mired in the traffic horror that is the ROT Rally.

That stands for Republic of Texas. They left the GREAT off Republic of Texas, but I suppose the GROT rally maybe didn't convey the same amount of biker coolness. I will forgive them, mostly so they don't kill me or topple over in front of my car.

And, lest you misunderstand - I'm not anti-rally whatsover. This rally brings very well behaved, patriotic, respectful, if shiny, people to our fair city every year, and we are happy to have them. Or at least I am.

But it's almost like some sort of LOST inspired conspiracy for me. I don't go downtown very often and I NEVER go to 6th Street - A.K.A. the world's largest outdoor toilet - unless absolutely necessary.

But yet somehow, despite my aversion to that area of downtown, I have been unpleasantly surprised every year for 18 years by turning a corner after an innocent errand and finding myself smack in the middle of a SEA of loud, rumbly motorcycles, topped by sweaty, sunburned male and female bikers oozing out of an assortment of shockingly tight and small leather garments. I actually hadn't realized how many different kinds of leather clothing exist, having only been conditioned by Loverboy and Mick Jagger.

It's a surreal experience.

Last year, I almost ran out of gas idling in stopped traffic on 6th - so desperate to get out of town and see humans clad in something other than sweaty leather. Had I run out of gas, I'm quite certain I would have died on the spot at the thought of exiting my car and trying to make my way home. As it was it took me an hour and a half to travel less than a mile. And I think my ears are still ringing.

This has been one of my longest unlucky streaks, and each year I swear never to be surprised again, only to fail.

But this year I broke the curse. I set a reminder on my Iphone that pings me every morning and reminds me to stay close to the hood, and it's worked. My closest encounter was today, when two bikers going about 95 decided to play chase in between cars on Mopac. *Shudder*

But I will have made it through my first ROT rally since 1994 without sitting in a bike jam, and for that I am very grateful to my dear, departed friend, Steve Jobs. I do miss you, Steve.

The closest I'll get to a rally this weekend will be the sea of non-rumbly bikes I'll see on my walk tomorrow. A lot more pastoral and a bit more my speed :)

Stamps: Postage Due 

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I hope I can make it through tomorrow without forgetting not to go downtown!

I'm placing my class order tomorrow, so if you need anything, please let me know! This card was what we made in class today.

I'll just be here avoiding 6th street! :)



  1. In Britain, grot means dirt or filth, with implications of disgusting. It's not how I'd describe Texas (or the majority of bikers) at all so probably better that they left the G off :)

  2. Love the collage. When I finally talk dh into moving to Austin I will finally be able to take one if these classes. Don't retire from teaching anytime soon! *smile*

  3. Just love your card - the colors, stamps, organization, and the way it opens. Wish I could take one of your classes! But, Texas is a long way from MN! P.S. I loved riding on motorcycles when I was young!

  4. Great looking card! I did not think that I " needed " this set until I saw your card!

    Deborah in Richmnd


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