Sunday, June 17, 2012

Don't Strip Down at Kindergarten Graduation and Other Birthday Advice...

My blog has turned 5 years old this month.

It's a kindergartner!

I should put a little hat on it and do a graduation for it.

Instead, I'll tell you a story about my own kindergarten graduation, which was a complete disaster, and taught me that you should not put yourself in positions where you are in public in your underwear and little else.

Apparently, prior to graduation, we were given instructions to wear a dress on graduation day. Now who in their right mind gives instructions to five year olds? Especially important, you-might-end-up-in-your-undies-in-front-of-strangers type instructions? Well, apparently my school did. And they did not also relay these instructions to my parents, who were slightly older than five and have never, to my knowledge, appeared in their underwear in public.

I, on the other hand...

I wore pants. Because I liked pants. I still like pants. I would not have made it on Little House on the Prairie because I have two lower body attire modes - miniskirts and pants.

So I showed up on graduation day in pants.

However, it was at that time and place CRITICAL that a picture of graduating five year olds include NO GIRLS WEARING PANTS.

Upon discovering that I was about to wreck civilization with my attire, my teacher decides that rather than risk the reputation of the entire state of Texas with my clothed legs, that I should be forced to take my pants OFF and be photographed barelegged in a ridiculously short and ill fitting kindergarten graduation robe. Thank God she averted a crisis by parading me in front of a bunch of strangers wearing basically nothing - a half naked child being SO much less scandalous than a tiny, forgetful girl in pants.

Thanks a lot Mrs. Whoeveryouwere. I'm still scarred by your brilliant decision making skills.

Instead of making my blog strip down to its skivvies, I thought I'd celebrate by hosting a Virtual Stamp Weekend Challenge! My challenge was to be inspired by "Parts Unknown" (after being inspired by a photo in this post - I'm Thankful For) and try a technique you've never tried before.

I chose a technique I saw on Dawn Olchefske's blog where you cut and heat ribbon to make a curly, fluffy flower.

Check out the challenge and the video here - and come play along!

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Stamps: Loving Thoughts
Paper: Natural Composition Specialty Paper, Fan Fair DSP,
Ink: Early Espresso
Accessories: Rhinestones, Circles #2 die, Finishing Touches Edgelits, Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon
Techniques: Heated Ribbon Flower

All I ask is that you please wear pants!

Thank you for being here for the last five years. It's really been a joy to exchange digital fluff with all of you and I wouldn't trade it for anything.



  1. I am not going to melt ribbon. This cannot end well in my world. I will, however, admire yours from afar. :D

    I did, however, Gesso some Thickers and try to stamp on them. I hope I get extra credit for the mess I've made this weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday Blue Blog! Hope the undies were cute!

  3. Good to see that you weren't scared for life over the kindergarten graduation episode...
    Great card!

  4. CONGRATS!!!! It's so hard to believe that it's been 5 yrs - 5 wonderful yrs of inspiration!!! As for Ms Whatshername - can't imagine that no one stopped her....some people shouldn't be teachers!! Every single thing we experience in life makes us who we are - so maybe we should thank her - after all, you turned out fantastic!!! Just sayin'

  5. So that's why you became an artist! Because rules do nt apply. Lol. Love that ribbon flower... Cool to know its do- able. *smile*


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