Friday, June 22, 2012

God's Special Work of Art

As I told a friend, this week has dragged me through the streets of time as an example to others who think they have mastered their to-do lists. It has been so busy I can't think straight.

But I did find the COOLEST feather on my walk on Tuesday. I find all sorts of feathers every day. I wish I could keep them all, but I always worry that I'll get some kind of crazy bird flu. I swear the one I found was from a hummingbird - it was iridescent green and so beautiful.  Also, it was very teeny.

They are such little works of art, feathers. Our neighbors when I was little had peacocks. They lived in a giant house down the road from our not giant house and their property was huge. And despite the fact that we were just all normal working class people in a regular neighborhood, they had peacocks wandering around.

To me, growing up in a world with horny toads, butterflies the size of your head, tarantulas the size of your head, giant colored and stripey beetles and crawdads wandering the streets, it didn't seem extraordinary that my neighbors had peacocks.

But it does now. I wish one of my current neighbors did. I'd probably sneak over and feed and pat them a LOT.

I played around with my new Fine Feathers set for a VSN challenge as a result of my inspiration. We had to go back in time through our gallery and recreate one of our older cards - shudder - so I picked this "I think I'll stamp every feather in the whole set on this card and then highlight it badly" number. Not sure what I was really thinking about back then.

Anyway, it was a really fun exercise, because you could see over time how your style came out of its shell and made itself known.

I always tell people not to take down their early cards. I think each one of them is part of where you are today, so they should be celebrated as part of your artistic development. Just don't look too long... :)
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Paper: Whisper White
                      Ink: Versamark, Orchid Opulence, Tempting Turquoise, Lucky Limeade, Pacific Point Blue
                   Accessories: Clear Embossing Powder, Aqua Painter, Heat Gun, Glitter, Spray adhesive
Techniques: Emboss Resist

I hope you have a crafty, peaceful weekend ahead. I feel a fit of organizing coming on.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. I take the feathers I find and stick them into one of my potted plants outside that way I can still enjoy them and not have to bring them into the house. We have a cockatiel and I am always afraid of transferring something to him. But I do save his feathers too!

  2. This is just one big ol' world of inspiration, isn't it? I remember being a child and the finding of a bird feather was nothing short of magical.... We need to go back to feeling that way sometimes... and you did. Lovely card. :-)

  3. Your's is my favorite blog of all.

  4. Love the sentiment and the peacock image is stunning! Beautiful card!!!

  5. Card is lovely. love the sparkle!! :) I think you not like to have peacocks too close to your house. They are really great guard dogs, making all kinds of ruckus when people come into the yard. Imagine that at o'dark thirty. :)



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