Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Summary - Human Pretzels and Lee Greenwood

I finally downloaded my pics from my camera today from Leadership. A lot of my live coverage pics were with my Iphone, so I know they won't be hitting National Geographic any time soon. I thought I'd share a few you haven't seen yet that are a little better quality.

First, Manager's reception. This is only the second time I've been, and it was wonderful. Don't worry if you didn't come to Leadership or qualify for this or anything else. I've been having fun for ten years - this is just a bonus, really. So keep having fun - it pays off :).

We got to see some incredible acrobats from China. I held my breath nearly the whole time because I truly couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here are some of the crazy antics. (I'm translating from Chinese.)

Oh hi - please bring me a chair - this tower I built out of chairs isn't tall enough to scare these demonstrators!
 I am not scary enough standing on a wobbly tower of chairs, I must do a handstand.
 Please, bend yourself into a pretzel so that I may balance teacups on your feet and chin. 
Next, we really had an adventure, thanks to our friend Sue Farrant. She happened to get us tickets to the filming of the Extreme Home Makeover Christmas Special honoring the military. It was an incredible experience. We got to meet the veterans on the show, many of whom had terrible injuries. Very humbling. To begin the event, we had the privilege of having Lee Greenwood sing God Bless the USA 15 feet from us.  I can't even really describe how amazing that was.

He was very kind and gracious, too. What an amazing moment.

Then we got an absolutely unbelievable performance from these Australian tenors and got to see Paige and Ty.

 Here we are teaching them how to say y'all.
 Roger Clements spoke and signed a few baseballs for the auction benefiting Helping a Hero.
 If you want to do something charitable, this is a great organization, so be sure and check out their site. These brave young men and women deserve a roof over their heads.

Then we were off to stamp and be stamped! Here are some of the cute projects from main stage. I think most of the ones I picked are from Shelli's demo.

I didn't even want this set until I saw this cutie.
 Um. Adorable. I love zig zags. I love this paper. I love these colors together. I love this. Is that clear?
 CUTE feathers made from leaves.
 Thank goodness the edgelits are on their way to me as we speak. I need to make exactly this card!
 Love the rhinestone on the typewriter key.
 Framelits make the 3D hearts on this CAS number - LOVE it.

I will be posting from CHA in a few days and then I'll finally get to come home and STAMP!! I miss it! :)



  1. Thanks for the great Leadership post. Must case some of these cards soon. Looking forward to your CHA posts. We want details!

  2. just needing a tiny bit of clarification:

    is Ty in the picture with paige, or is that just a picture of her with the Aussie tenors?

    can't quite tell...and i've never seen Ty that cleaned up and polished, so i'm guessing it's not him.

    i like the card with the hearts too...thanks for making me consider that set now, with VD being only 2 weeks away and i thought i had all my VD stuff. VD stands for Valentine's Day, y'all.


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