Saturday, January 14, 2012

With Apologies To Lionel Richie...

But today it's ...


 Three times a thank you....
I needed to make a bunch of thank you cards for some very special peeps this week and I wanted to keep them simple and pretty flat for mailing. I was falling asleep one night and came up with this simple punch design. I used the Welcome Neighbor Designer Series Paper Pad, the Full Heart Punch, the Small Heart Punch and the greeting from All Holidays

Now, in addition to 80 thank you cards, I have 80 teeny hearts ready to use on something else!



  1. Really a cute little card, I like it, have to play with stamps today and make one or two or three, course I don't have the verse, have to use something different though.......trying to think how to use my anti spam word into this sentence....what in the world does bucren mean????

  2. OMG I am totally casting this is stunning! LOVE IT!!!

  3. CAS super... With a dash of mini hearts on the side? Priceless. *smile*

    WV: Zhxrdow
    When the customer couldn't decide whether to buy 6 donuts or just buy the dough to take home and make them herself, the impatient clerk asked, "Zhxrdow?"
    (Okay, so the h is silent, sue me.)

  4. 80 Thank You cards.... oh my! That does remind me I have a few from Christmas that need to be made....

    So cute btw!

  5. Eighty? As in 8-0?! Wow...that's some SERIOUS mass production! I love how you are able to create a unique design that's simple and classy.

  6. Wow, that's second only to Holiday cards. You rock!

    PS: I made a card with your Maddie stamp. You'll see it roll by when you catch up with Reader. :)

  7. Hi there, I casted your card. If you go to you will find the cards.....thanks for the great idea, it makes a wonderful card. Many mousnes to you and yours :)

  8. Gorgeous card, Lydia! They are beautiful.
    Have a great time at Leadership.
    Hugs and smiles


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