Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like Peas and Carrots

I'm always making fun of all the Y chromosome types in my life for incessantly memorizing and reciting every single line from every single movie they've ever seen.

It's maddening. You'll be going along having a normal conversation, and suddenly, someone will say something a little odd, a little too enthusiastically, in their "I'm quoting a movie now" voice.

Then they smirk at each other and the assembled crowd. Unless it's one of six movies, I don't know the movie, I don't care what movie it is, and odds are I either fell asleep, started stamping or playing Angry Birds about ten minutes into said movie. I certainly have not memorized any dialogue. And I don't feel like less of a human because I don't recognize a line from Hot Tub Time Machine or the Goonies.

However, this ability comes with the chromosome, so they can't help it. We have to just empathize with their struggle with their genetic disorders.

There are only six movies worth quoting. Actually, if you can't quote these movies, there might be something wrong with your chromosomes!

They are, in no particular order:

  • Gone With The Wind
  • The Cowboys
  • Die Hard
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • Forrest Gump

Of these, Forrest Gump is one of the most fun, because it comes with a VOICE. There's no one who can't do this voice.

My two favorite lines from the movie are: "Sometimes, I guess, there just aren't enough rocks." That one always knocks the wind out of me.

The other is "Me and Jenn-ay goes together like peas and carrots."

I don't know where that saying came from, but despite the fact that no one really likes peas, carrots or peas and carrots, it stands tall as one of the most charming phrases on EARTH.

Things like peas and carrots find their spiritual home on stamps I think! Suddenly, they are as sweet as they sound....

I rustled up some peas and carrots for the Sweet 'n Sassy blog hop going on today!

 They were kind enough to let me play along with the big girls today - their Design Divas, and so I whipped up a yummy treat.

Stamps: You & Me Ink: Memento Paper: Bazzill, SU Crumb Cake  
Accessories: SU Ribbon, ShinHan Touch Twin Markers: GY48, GY47, YR23, YR24, Fancy Favor Die, Tasteful Trim Die

I used the adorable You & Me stamp set for a little treat bag I cut with the Fancy Favor die and Crumb Cake cardstock. I stamped the veggies on a Crumb Cake tag, and then stamped them again on white, colored and paper pieced it. Before I stamped, I actually cut the greeting off the stamp so I could use it anywhere or stamp just the images by themselves.

This little bag is perfect for treats you tie in a bag, like, say... CHOCOLATE CARROTS! For "peas" I used green (mint) Hershey Kisses.

I used the Tasteful Trim die to dress up the side

Now look at those cuties and try to tell me you don't love peas and carrots!!! I double dog dare you.

Ready to hop along and see some other goodies?

Take a look at the rest of the Design Divas fun creations for some serious wow-age.

Thanks for coming by! Feel free to leave your favorite movie quote in the comments!



  1. Now I happen to like peas and carrots - but for anybody who doesn't - your rich coloring with that kraft background would make anybody's mouth water!! They are gorgeous!!

  2. Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

  3. Fiddle-dee-dee!
    Love your creation - adorable!

  4. Adorable bag and nice design Lydia!!

    "Looks like two pigs fightin' under a blanket." ~Clairee on Steel Magnolias (great movie!)

  5. Did you hear that??? It was me, screaming with delight. I love love love love this SO much!! Aaaargh! Thanks for hopping with us today!

  6. OK, those images are fantastic on the kraft! Love it! And love your little box, so cute!

  7. you are KILLING ME!!! this is the cutest thing EVER. you are brilliant. brilliant, i tell you!!!!! :)

  8. love the box and I have to agree with Kim Sing...gorgeous colouring!

  9. Super cute, and ooooh my goodness, your treat bag filler is perfect!!

    And I contest your list... because some of my favorite quotes come from the Princess Bride, Monty Python, and Winnie the Pooh.


  10. forgot to add movie quote...

    "they're acting like monkies" from the Princess Diaries

  11. Hello!

    Great project - love it! You have a winner! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  12. Really cute projects, thanks for sharing them.

  13. AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! Just love these!! Thank you for sharing your projects with us:-)

    Great idea...
    I think I will pilfer it for Spring Treats for my son's class.


  15. What a sweet box Lydia. Love the Kraft with orange and green! Awesome! :o)

  16. OH MY! How absolutely adorable! LOVE this!!!!

    one of my fave movie quotes is
    "There's no crying in baseball" - League of Their Own

  17. Aha, I've heard of disguising vegetables in something desirable to get them into the kids, but leave it to you to do the opposite - disguise chocolate in your vegetables! : ) Just so DARN cute, Lydia!!!!

  18. Well..I must say...I love the introduction to your project featuring the You & Me set! The gift tag and treat box are adorable and you even perfectly represented peas and carrots by choosing CHOCOLATE in the appropriate colors...much better than the real peas and carrots, BTW! Love the coloring on the crumb cake card stock! Fabulous!

  19. Holy cow that is a supercute set! Must own it!!! GAH! And the cute!!! :D

  20. Adorable! You know they make a candy called peas & carrots too - the peas are mint and I forget what the carrots are, but they look just like the frozen veggies until you eat them, LOL. Let me know if you'd like a link.

  21. Cute little box!~ Your coloring is outstanding.. I may now eat peas and carrots!~

  22. These are the most adorable peas and carrots. Fun gift idea!

  23. Fabulous box gift! Love how you added the stamps to this!

  24. Well, I'm not much for succatash...ha-ha! But I LOVE this pair...and what wonderful coloring! But this box is fabulous, and it all looks so yummy and such a great gift idea!!

  25. I love the peas and carrots. You made such a cute box.

  26. OMG, Lydia, this is just toooooo creatively, geniusly cute. Your peas and carrots treat would certainly substitute for a shrubbery in pleasing the Knights Who Say Ni! :)

  27. VERY cute. And I, too, happen to like peas & carrots. :)

  28. Gorgeous, Lydia!!! Your coloring is outstanding!

  29. Awesome treat box. love the tag too.

  30. Peas and carrots have never looked more huggable! Very cute treat box. I agree with commentor #1, love that Buddy quote. *smile*

  31. Lydia, I just saw this post and I LOVE Forrest Gump...I guess I really have no choice, I've heard that saying since the movie came out (probably because my name is Jenny!) Anyway, I LOVE your "peas and carrots" the treats AND the card! Glad that you are a part of the DT for Sweet n Sassy!!


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