Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Raccoons are the New Muskrats!

Is there anyone in the world who actually knows what a muskrat is? Because we've all heard Muskrat Love, and happily sung along like nincompoops, without ever wondering why we were singing about something called a Muskrat. Seriously. Say it to yourself "I'M SINGING A SONG ABOUT A MUSKRAT."

It makes no sense.

So, in order to distract ourselves from our nincompoopiness, we better have a prize award for Monday, and then I better give away another prize, yes?

First, Monday. It was a tie between Mary Dawn's darn near existential comment that made me laugh so hard, and Carolyn's blonde joke! Aaah I love a good blonde joke!

So, since Mary Dawn's comment was first, the punch goes to her, but Carolyn gets to choose from my Stampin' Up! acrylic blocks - I have a squillion of them, so just tell me what you want. And both of you send me your addresses.

Yay - winning is fun!

So on to the raccoons.. First. I took the punch like Mary Dawn's prize and punched a glassine envelope and used the heart punch to make a window.

Then, I tied our lovely Real red ribbon around the note that matches the envelope, secured the top with gold cord and slid it into the envelope.

Then I embossed and punched another heart that I put the little raccoon on. His little love bandit heart is glittered. I stamped the glassine envelope with Staz on. So easy & cute. I entered it in the Stampin' Success contest, but alas, did not win! *sound of raccoon growling* They may have specified a muskrat, I can't remember.

So who wants to win a brand spankin' new Sizzix® Big Shot Circles #2 die?

Here's how you do it.

Leave a comment here, and include a link to the most stunningly beautiful BLUE thing on the internet in your comment. It can be glass, wool, living or still, a painting, a shoe - whatever you love that is blue, I want to see it. I will pick my fave.

And I love how sweet you all are - I truly appreciate everyone who said that they already had the prize but played anyway. God bless you stampy people!

Okay - start your engines - let's see your blue finds! :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. i won the punch and i'm not greedy, but this popped into my head:

  2. This link is driving me up the wall. One of my favourite blue things is of course the male peacock ...this fella is stunning...and he knows it.

  3. Where would we be without this blue item?

  4. DANG!!! I hate when that happens...
    here is the link


    Forgive the green. :O)


    Nothing more beautiful as water in it's frozen form.... and just for laughs, thought you might like this little guy....

    LOL! Kitty wigs!!

  7. Just wanted to say the racoon card/bag is so cute!

  8. Ok, they can be the new muscrats, cuz they are really cute, but to be honest, racoon love sounds kinda funky, lol.

    have a fantastic day

  9. forgot to add my link:

    I'm a bird nut, and this guy is awesome!

  10. well I thought that I recognized that cute card! I loved it. And you can bet you will see it on the boards at convention!!!!!

    Oh, a muskrat looks a lot like a huge rat but it has fur on it's tail I believe. I have seen one in real life and it scared the bejasus out of me I tell ya! It was stuck in the window well of a friend of mine. We had to call the animal control to come and safely remove it from the window.

    Still don't know how to link so I won't be playing along but I do love all the blue things you have here.

    Love ya,

  11. I couldn't find a more beautiful range of blues than this scene that God made:


  12. I'm in one of those moods, lol.

    (P.S. - I already bought the set of blocks.)

  13. I found this beautiful blue morning glory.

    This is a link to a lady in Australia who thinks in blues. I love her journal pages and her title. She is quite a talented lady.

  15. I never win anything, but since you're my friend...and YOU'RE blue, I'll play along.

    The "most stunningly beautiful BLUE thing on the internet" is a picture of my Gracey. She's not blue, no. But her eyes are. And I've posted many a photo of her. So that counts, right? Linky: :)

  16. This is a boar full of blown glass that was displayed last year at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

  17. Oops-should have said "boat" full of blown glass!

  18. I don't know how to do the link, but I'll give it a try. The most beautiful blue is my granddaughter's eyes.

  19. My favorite blue is your how do I link to it??? love your talent and would love to win the die :o)

  20. My favorite blue is your how do I link to it??? love your talent and would love to win the die :o)

  21. Always bending the rules, I am! My "item" is a song, not exactly something you can "see", but it's still blue. Sorta.

    "I Dreamed Last Night HD - Blue Jays Justin Hayward and John Lodge" ♫

  22. Well I might be bending the rules but how about this?

    Maybe your new theme song??? Very "Beautiful Blue"

  23. "THE STUDY OF COLOR is rarely a part of general education beyond some rudimentary learning in elementary school..." -Betty Edwards.

    I don't care if it's baby poop green.

  24. I still like it- a world without ANY color is like a world without hearing or voices without words, it's like a song without a melody or a thought without a mind. it's like dancing without out a song or even music without notes.

    It might not be blue that you are searching for but it's cetaintly not black or white.

  25. I love blue hydrangea... this silk print is just beautiful, IMO...


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