Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Fiskateers are Coming!

Actually - they already came!

The lovely and talented Lead Fiskateer Angela Daniels graced our fair city with her lovely presence, and organized a crafty night at Memory Depot that was a BLAST! Here she is with LaRee, the owner of Memory Depot, and yes, that's Austin's own Naughty Secretary (Jennifer Perkins) - an incredibly sweet and fun gal. She even brought us presents, including my new fave crafty tool - the Fiskars hand drill! WE DRILLED LEGOS AND STUFF - I AM NOT KIDDING! So nice to have a very powerful little drill that you don't have to plug in - what brilliance! I was shocked at how well this thing worked. It worked so well that I quickly drilled right through the cutting board I was using. Oops :)

Anyway, my sister made the most adorable little Lego robot! Look at this guy! Squee! His little eyes were drilled with our drills and that's how we put everything together too. So fun.

Then she turned him into a necklace, thanks to the bead-y generosity of a sweet visitor from San Antonio - Carrie Bond.
Angela also taught us how to say "Fiskars" - I promise, you're doing it wrong, just like we're all doing "Copic" wrong. It's fisCARS, not fisKERS. It's super cute. And, in case you're like most people, you are probably saying CAH-pic, when you should be saying COH-pic.

Whew! Now we're all as smart as we are pretty! Heh.

If a Fiskateer comes to your LSS, go to their events - they are great, fun girls with tons of talent and crafty knowledge! I learned a ton and met some awesome local crafty peeps.

See ya tomorrow! :)

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  1. AWESOME blog post!!! I wish I had taken such great photos of Cynthia's robot necklace! And yes on the pronunciation although you won't lose points with me for saying FiskERS. I grew up in So.CA and that's how we say it there. It has taken me 2 years as a Lead Fiskateer to get the CARS part out. It seems so unnatural... but it IS the way you say it if you're being true to Fiskars Finnish roots apparently.

  2. so, is it fiskAHteer? hehe, kidding...i want crafty people to visit me too

  3. Great post! Will You come take pics at my next Fiskateer event? =)

  4. LOVE the lego robot. That is just all kinds of awesome!

    Hmm - looks like I've been saying both Copic & Fiskars right all along. Yay for me (for a change!)

  5. what michael would've given 6-7 yrs ago if i'd sported a lego robot necklace!

    fun times...

  6. Hi
    Great to see the lego robot - he is super cute. I was wondering what Angela was on about when she bloged on the Fiskateers blog about them.
    Thanks for the photos.
    Christine C

  7. Oh that is so cute! I couldn't figure out how you make a Legos robot necklace but now I know!!!! Great job gang

  8. What a great night that must have been !! The Fiskar tools are awesome ! So glad that you have joined into our little world of Fiskateers ! The on line crops are a hoot - mark your calendars for national scrapbook day's on line crop ! See you then !

  9. I'm sorry I missed out on this. Maybe my mil LaRee can show me some of the cool things y'all learned.


  10. Great blog post and how lucky to get to met Angela in person!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Cant wait to see what other fun projects you create as a Fiskateer!!

  11. Love it! so very cute. Welcome to the Fiskateers!
    - Samantha T. #6363

  12. That necklace is so cute. Well done Lydia and welcome to the Fiskateers family. You are going to love it here!

  13. Welcome aboard! The Fiskars' craft drill is also the only tool Tim Holtz recommends using to drill holes is his "fragments". I have mine hidden so husband and sons will not use.

  14. aha! I have that drill! Now I can make some fun lego jewelry! Thanks for the tip!

  15. What a fun story Lydia!!!

    Great to hear that Angela was so much fun to craft with and has set you straight about Fiskars too.

    Can't wait to raid some legos from my nephews and start playing now :)

  16. Hmmm and lots of legos at my house! I even have some of the 'special' colors! (I don't think the boys would notice!)

    No drill - but I can borrow my HD's! (he wouldn't notice either!)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with the Fisk-a-teers!

  17. great blog post!! looks like alot of fun!!!


  19. Hiya !

    Cute robot necklace !

    LOL on the smart as pretty part!

    It is very hard to say FisCARS... it's always been known as FisKERS around these parts ! But I did know how to say Copics!

    Welcome and Congrats on being a Fiskateer ! ;)

  20. So super nice to meet you ladies! I la la la loved the robot and had total necklace envy. Can't wait to look into your classes, I'm serious if you have a Crop-a-Dile class I'm all over it. I just got a Sizzix Big Shot I need help figuring out too.

  21. I've totally been saying it wrong. . . in fact, I know this guy that says it like you say is all proper, and in my mind I laughed every time. I'm glad you enlightened me, Lydia. :)

  22. OMGosh! That drill looks like one of the handiest things that I ever put on my wishlist! I wonder if it will drill through dominos?! hmmmmm. Awesomely cute lego robot, thumbs up to your sister!


    Lisa A.

  23. It looks like you guys had a great time! I think I may have to get a drill and see what things I may be able to come up with...Donna Woods Fiskateer 6036

  24. Legos and robots? That's my son's favs combined in one. Very cute!

    I've been pronouncing Fiskars wrongs all these years. I knew about Copic. Thanks for the lesson.

  25. what a clever idea, leave it to Lead Angela to think outside the box.
    Cynthia created an adorable necklace.
    I like the look of that drill too.

    Laura B

  26. Oooooh - now we get to play with drills in our craft room? I'll have to keep it hidden so my hubby doesn't find it!

    And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little Lego robot! He just made me smile. Tell your sister "great job"!!

  27. Great post! Awesome photos! Love the robot necklace! I want a Fiskars Crafty night in my town!



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