Monday, March 29, 2010

A Prize, a Lie, a Butterfly!

You know me, the prize will be last. But I'm finally going to award the prize for the Blue scavenger hunt you all went on! Yipee!

But first, let's talk about lying. Specifically, "them." You know - the liars. Wait - let me narrow that down. I'm not referring to every politician ever in the history of humankind. So you can eliminate 80 squillion liars.

I'm talking about the LIARS who told us that that adding advertising to things would reduce the cost. Really? Let's take my Martha Stewart Living Magazine for example. The March 2010 special gardening issue is 168 pages long. 69 FULL PAGES of this magazine are ads. Forget about the partial page ads. There are only 3 two page content spreads prior to page 104 - up to that point, every other page is a full page ad. And yet this magazine costs $5.00? Why doesn't Pepperidge Farms or GM PAY me to read it? Wait - I can't read it, because it's not a magazine. It's an expensive, wasteful, glossy commercial.

Or how about when we all go like sheep to the movie theater - which I do about once a year, but that's another story - and pay $87,000 for a ticket, only to be bombarded by 30 minutes of commercials, preceded by local, cheesy ads prior to lights off.

How about XM radio - that we paid for because it was commercial free? For exactly a minute until they had ads. Or what about cable? Or satellite?

Do you know you see more than 1600 commercial messages per day? It's too much. Enough already. I'm tired of throwing away 69 pages of ads so that I can get one bunny finger puppet idea. We need some sort of bunny finger puppet revolt. I keep calling for revolts, and yet no one has staged an Understand-Blue-give-me-the-(*#^$&#-bunny-finger-puppet already-and-quit-talking-about-your-bladder-medicine-and-terrible-sandwiches-revolt. What's it gonna take? Well done advertising, that's what it's gonna take. Tasteful, relevant advertising.

I know, a prize. :) But first, a card. My wonderful stamping mentor, Beate, is very good at keeping me on task when it comes to stamping. Even when I see a butterfly. She also sent me some Perfect Pearls to play with, and play I did!

The Just for Fun Friday challenge this week was made for me! Aqua, Teal and Kraft. Aaaah - home. I took a beautiful dictionary page my sis gave me - it has kind of a slick finish on the paper, so the sponged ink blended really well. I rubbed layers of Tempting Turquoise and Cool Caribbean into it. Then I took my Bermuda Bay reinker and mixed with my Perfect Pearls Powder until it was about the consistency of acrylic. I painted that on my little Spring Solitude stamp and stamped it on the page. Then after it dried, I outlined the little weedy things with my brown marker and sponged brown ink around them, and the edges of my kraft cardstock and the dictionary page. I stamped the leaves from Stem Silhouettes (stamped off once) along the bottom. I used my Beautiful Butterflies die to cut a butterfly out of the dictionary page, sponged it with Tempting Turquoise, and accented it with sticky rhinestones and my white gel pen. I used Inspired by Nature for the greeting. The little trail is made of rhinestones.
Fun card. Thanks Beate!

Now to the prize! You guys are fabulous! I loved them all. You were so creative! And surely I'm not the only one who found it interesting that we still find the loveliest things that make us happy in nature? That bird of paradise, that little baby's beautiful blue eyes?

As is my custom, I was unable to choose one winner! I chose two, so I'll give the prizes in the order they commented. The die this time goes to Blair - with that heartstopping photo of ice. Incredible!

The second prize - I'll let her choose from my stash, is Lisa (Papergrace), with that bewitching picture of blue-eyed little Grace. Wow, she's pretty.

Thank you guys so much!! Ready for another contest?

I'll be back with the next round of giveaways this week!


Oh - you should go play the color challenge! Link your creation in a comment if you do and I'll keep cleaning out my stash! :)

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  1. Girl, your card looks fantastic! I LOVE it. That butterfly on top is the icing on the cake! Absolutely gorgeous card.
    Hugs and smiles

  2. That card is stunning!! I love it!!

  3. Your card is so gorgeous!!! Really beautiful...just like you. Awww! Perfect Pearls are one of my favorite things to use EVER!

    And...what?! Gracey and I are sitting here with our mouths wide open! Like this--> :O Okay, she's really sleeping all curled up in a big, floofy ball and I'm contemplating cheese, but I'm still uber excited!! I never win ANYTHING! Woooooooo!

  4. I'm revolting! (wait a minute... that didn't sound very good...) Except I think we should have kitten finger puppets for our revolt. We can be like a "flash mob" and just show up with our finger puppets held high in the air, expressing our dissatisfaction with LIARS everywhere!

  5. Ha! I revolted a long time ago - don't go to movies, don't watch tv, don't buy magazines. I even have the ads turned off on SCS (thanks to my geek son). I know, ya can't avoid them all, but I sure can try.

    And your card is fabulously stunning.

  6. GORGEOUS! I love all your little deatils and that great background! Thanks for playing along with JFF this week!

  7. Oh my! I really have to get myself some perfect pearls (gasp! I know I'm the last person in the papercrafting world not to have them!). This is gorgeous! I'm so glad you played along with us this week!

  8. Oh my goodness! I won? That's fantastic news!! I just now checked your blog, because I have been moving into my new house!! I am sooooo excited! Thanks so much!!



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