Sunday, November 8, 2009

What Alice Means

As I sit here waiting for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I think about Alice and what she means.

When I was little, and my dad read me that book dozens of times - the annotated version so we could see the notes and the chess moves - I loved Alice because it was an impossible world. A place where sometimes you were big compared to the world, sometimes you were small. Sometimes a smiling cat puzzled and amused you from somewhere over your shoulder. Sometimes mean queens did bad things to you, and sometimes wise rabbits led you to amazing places where you learned things you didn't think were possible. Now, of course, things are different. I'm all grown up. Now I love Alice because, well - it's so much like real life. :) I fell in love with these little Alice images from Niko Art on Etsy, and thought to have her looking out of a rabbit hole from the inside of the card might be fun. I colored the images with Copics and my white gel pen. The branch is from Branch Out - Stampin' Up!

If you haven't read the book, please do. The best version is here.

Speaking of rabbit holes, there's been a techpocalypse at Casa Blue. My main PC will not stay on, and AT&T has lost two towers, which apparently my air card for my laptop depends on, so I have no internet at my house. :( So if I'm a little sporadic, it's because I didn't have time to go to Starbucks to blog.

Hope your technology is safe and sound and that your are all happy!


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  1. So which of Nicole's stamps did you NOT buy? That might be a shorter list!

    Now I am singing Jefferson Airplane's "Go Ask Alice" - one of my fa-vor-ite songs ever! Thanks!

    WV: deratt. De cat chased deratt, deratt chased de cheese, de cheese stands alone ...

  2. PS: Had to watch Gary's video again....

  3. Love it! Go Ask Alice was one of my mom's favorite songs when I was a baby, so guess what became an all time favorite song of mine? You've got it. It just took many, many years before I understood it.

  4. Lydia,

    Awe, this is way too cute!


    Lisa Atha

  5. way cute alice card, i love that book too! your flower cars are amazing.

    sorry to hear about the computer troubles that is no fun at all. I lost all my stuff from my laptop last summer and well lets just say. Don't want it to happen again.

    thanks for sharing.


  6. OMG, how cute is that teeny tiny alice and cheshire cat?!?! love this card.

  7. OH EM GEE!!!! I am totally buying those images!!!! Your card is UBER cute!

  8. Meg absolutely loved her card. She won't use and she is now looking for a frame for it. Just wanted to let you know it is being very loved. :)


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