Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Angry About All Those Years with ...

I am SO glad I broke up with the old collage substance. He was no good for me. He never dried, he was clingy, and goopy, and ... Well I'm just glad it's over. I put him out with the trash.

Thanks to Claudine Hellmuth, I am now craft dating matte gel medium.

He's polished, professional, neat, easy to be with. Just better in every way. He makes me happy every time I see him.

I busted him out last night to make a happy little holiday canvas. I had some canvases left over from the art I donated to the benefit for Amy Bouquet's Cat Haven Fundraiser, and I decided to infuse them with a little candy striped Christmas-y goodness. So easy and fun.

Stamps: Patterned Pines Ink: Kiwi Kiss, Barely Banana, Melon Mambo Paper: Whisper White, K&Co
I think it makes kind of a fun, non traditional looking holiday decoration. Are you making decorations? With my two insane tiny tigers, a tree is out of the question this year, so I'm having to get a little creative with decorating the house. I'd love a link or description of what you're doing! I need ideas!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. So, what did you use before and how do you use the new medium. Oh, and where do you get it? I have used Mod Podge as a collage medium but it often stays tacky. I am working on some canvas ornaments (a totally new to me idea) and am thinking I want to seal them as I am using chalk as well as markers. I will spray with a workable fixative but then want to seal all that. Will show you how they turn out (if they do!)in a few days.

  2. What brand of matte gel medium are you using? I, too, use Mod Podge and could use a different sealer. As for decorating, I have a special collection of angel ornaments that I hang by ribbons from a chandelier in the dining area. You might also consider hanging a small decorated tree from the ceiling via a light fixture or something similar. I don't know if the "tigers" can leap that far into thin air or not. When our second child was a toddler, we put the tree in the playpen and let him run free. Don't think that will work for you, though!

  3. So pretty! I love those colors for Christmas!

  4. Here's my Christmas tree strategy with new cats...and cats that forget from year to year: set up the tree in the tree stand. No water in the bowl, no ornaments on the tree. Oooh and aaah over it and give it lots of attention so they come around and start snuffling on it. They will become excited. They will climb it, probably all the way to the top. And then it will fall over. Set it back up. Lather, rinse, repeat. It shouldn't take more than two times per cat. Then they will slink away, because it's prickly and pokey to leap out of a falling tree. And scary. Once they are avoiding it, you can give the poor tree a drink of water, and hang some ornaments. Glass ones on the top half, unbreakable ones on the bottom half.

    I have a friend who always hangs an upside down tree from the ceiling. Quite a conversation piece.

  5. Ah gel medium! You can emboss digital images on it too! great for paper piecing digis on patterned paper. Love these merry colours and the wee pearls are fab. Talk about the perfect tree shape!


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