Monday, November 16, 2009

Reports of my Absence Have Been Greatly.. Accurate

I would love to say exaggerated, but that would be a lie. I was working hard getting ready for the two shows I had this past weekend.

The first was the South Austin Artists Co-op Show. This one is held in what used to be an Albertson's grocery store. When Albertson's moved out, they abandoned most of their store fixtures, which now serve as display spaces for the artists. There were lots of different types of art there, which made for a great day. I even got to meet a blog reader, Connie, who was so sweet and fun!

Here's my table before the event started. I got the revolving card racks from Displays2Go and they are AWESOME! Very well made and I think they'll last a long time. They hold a squillion cards. Seriously, a squillion.

The second show was at the Jewish Community Center and it was absolutely the best run, nicest show I've been to. My biggest sellers were my Sassy Maddie notecards, the pencil daisy cards and these little Bar/Bat Mitzvah money books I copied from Nichole Heady - I sold every one I made. I decided to leave them generic so that they could be used for either.

The other art at this show was amazing. I saw the most delicate, beautiful mosaic done with teeny millefiori beads and pretty glass. It wasn't what you think of traditional mosaic at all. The lady a few booths down from me was from England and she made these freaking ADORABLE bags with sassy little ladies on them! The stitching and embellishment is incredible up close. This chick has a lot of style!
What are you guys up to? Working on stuff for the holidays? I think I had a vision of what my Christmas card will be the other day, so I will finalize that this week so that I can make them over Thanksgiving while I'm watching Christmas Vacation!! :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. OK, if it were up in the air before, you have cinched the fact that we were separated at birth due to the fact that my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the first watching of Christmas Vacation that night after we are all stuffed with turkey. Even Amanda has started saying, "I can't wait to see that funny movie!"

    Love the display, and so glad that your shows went well. See you soon!

  2. Your display looks that a blue tablecloth??? Surprise Surprise LOL
    I only got a teeny glimpse of your webcam escapades but what I saw was funny! LOL


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