Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wascally Wabbits!

Caution - sometimes, when you go outside, wild wabbit babies attack you and nibble your feet! This is what happened to me today. I'm resting comfortably!


  1. you're fortunate, what with all the walking you'll be doing at convention, that you weren't more seriously injured! ;-)

    have a great time, and be sure to take copious notes for those of us who couldn't go this year...

  2. I will totally update you from convention! Watch this space! =)

  3. the bunnies here are vegetarian...they only eat at the buffet in the garden, but my doggies at least get there exercise chasing them away. I know that you are now traveling to convention and I hope that your flight will be smooth. Have a beverage at some point for me. I will be thinking of you and all that you will learn. Have a BLAST! Wish I could be there with you.


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