Monday, July 30, 2007

OMG - I'm a Rockin' Girl *blush* Blogger!

Sweet Jenn in GA gave me the sassy pink badge of honor, so it's my honor to pass it on. Here are four ladies and one guyI'd like to tag, in addition to my faves to the right!

Fran Sabad - this is a great blog, and she has a very crisp, fun style that I like a lot!

Not that a fellow Starbucks devotee doesn't factor into my blog faves or anything, but CHECK out her booglie eyes takeout box - if you don't laugh out loud, FULL REFUND!

Chi Chi Allen - a fellow Texan who as just as sweet in person as her sweet-lookin' blog! Sorry I didn't see you at Session 1 Chi Chi - I'm all alone at Session 2!

A Pig on Fire - LOVE this blog. Love looking past her cards off her balcony, love her sense of humor, LOVE the idea of a pig on fire!

Sarah and the Stampstars - funny, great pictures, and awesome projects. Plus the occasional yummy recipe like this month!! =) Who doesn't love a blueberry muffin??

Stampin Kub - this guy is AMAZING. I know that he already has been awarded a Rockin' Bloke Blogger tag, but if you haven't seen him, OMG - go over there immediately. You're gonna be amazed.

Thanks for the tag Jenn!! Sweet lady, that one. Go visit these blogs and leave them some nice comments. Tell em I said hi! =)

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