Monday, July 30, 2007

All I wanted was a salad..

So tonight was really fun. Pajama stamp fest was a blast, the projects were so so cool, and I learned the build-a-brads and THE CROP O DILE WHICH MIGHT BE THE COOLEST THING SINCE STARBUCKS AND BUTTER! Wow do I love it. I'll post the make and takes tomorrow.. So I have nominated my fave blue card of the day which is this lovely butterfly ditty...
Then, I ended up sitting at the table with a girl not only from Austin, but like a block from my house - fun! But, no food since lunch, and I just wanted to come back and have of all things.. a salad from room service. But for some strange reason, the chopped salad is not available until 11PM?!? Oh I have theories... Like maybe "chopped" means - "scraped off diners plates from the lobby restaurant"? Surely not. Actually the restaurant in my hotel is insanely gourmet. But the girl can't stay up till 11. So I settled for a little blogging, some substandard mini bar wine, and my old stand by - the mini pringles can. God Bless America is what I say!! I miss you Pam! Oh yeah - did I mention that the chamber of commerce, across the street from my hotel, is flying the black pirate skull and crossbones flag? Hmm.. More tomorrow..


  1. Well...I think Pringles was probably more enjoyable for you han the dreaded "sheet meat"...remember that? I hope that you have a truly enjoyable day and a gourmet dinner tonight! Thanks for all of your updates. Hope the finger is not giving too much pain today.

  2. {{{OMG!!!}}}} I am laughing so hard ! You write hilariously! (is that a word?) Im enjoying convention thru your posts! So funny!
    I get the 'sheet meat', but whats with the Jolly Roger flag?
    LOVE the bear looking in the windows... my, he's large!
    Thanks for the fun!


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