Sunday, July 29, 2007

Convention curse - it LIVES

As some of you know, I ripped all the tendons off my ankle at the KC convention in 2002.. Well the curse
lives on.. I got to beautiful Denver today, decide to take in the world's greatest sport and check out a Rockies' game, and what do
you know, I get nailed by a foul ball and spend most of the game in the EMT shack!! It hit me on the knuckle, and I'm hoping it's not broken and that I can STAMP tomorrow!! Stay tuned!!


  1. OH LYDIA! I don't know what to say. D thay curse! I am sure that someone there will stamp for you, surely.

  2. Unbelievable! At least it didn't ruin your beautiful nails! All you'll have to do is raise your hand at the table and I'm sure someone will help you. I'm impressed you could type this entry...

  3. OMG! You poor thing! I seriously hope that doesn't get in your way! Poor thing!!
    Missed you at the birthday lunch today! ~Nicole


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