Thursday, August 10, 2023

Well at Least it's Fall on my Cards!

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I took my digital thermometer outside yesterday. Air temp was 114 at 6 PM, the water in my birdbath was 98 and the side of the birdbath was 107.

To say Texans are weary of it this year - which I rarely am, is an understatement.

So - unable to weed or garden, I made some fall fan art this weekend. I have been trying other techniques lately and neglecting my watercolor! I've had these mushroom/fall dies for a few months and not used them, so they were the perfect simple painting session. I thought it would be fun to make an envelope shaped card for a lady in my Buy Nothing group so I used the envelope die for the card base - I like that you can cut the pieces separately so the inside can be a separate color.

Of course it's also a fully functional envelope too, but that felt too boring this weekend LOL. The sentiment is this letterpress die for the Better Press - I LOVE THAT THING. FINALLY someone figured this out - I had one years ago that was awful. And you know what's funny - when I bought it, I also bought this HUGE thing of Crane letterpress paper that has been in the back of my car for more than ten years and IT PAID OFF! It works beautifully!!! I will do a video soon, but it's so well designed and fun to use and no stinky, sticky inks with a brayer! Look how delicate the letterpress can be. Plus matching dies to cut them out. Genius.

But Halloween calls me as always, so I did a little stash building with my kitty die. The background is actually an abstract Christmas patterned paper, but it's a perfect spooky green for Halloween. I like how the pumpkin's expression is sort of "meh". The sentiment is a two part die that has a lot of Christmas greetings, but also general things like this. I have some other cards coming up with this set - it's super useful.

I went back to a paper stack from this summer - remember my art journal class? - for another green background - what is up with me and green?? And you would never guess where I got these little pink trees! I had every intention to put this big, pretty snowflake die cut on here, but I got to looking at the legs and thought they looked like little folk art trees, so I cut them apart and voila! The sentiment is from the same set I used above.

Don't forget to check out the little swing cards for Halloween too! Here's a little video.

Cross your fingers for cooler weather next week. And keep our friends in Hawaii in your hearts. I hope that beautiful banyan tree has deep, deep roots.


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