Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Black Cat Magic

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I do not have an animal that would be okay being in a bike basket, but if I did - TRUST ME - it would happen.

My friend Latisha has a cat backpack and a MUCH more docile cat that she takes out. 

But in my dreams, I have a chill little kitty like this one - Maverick the surfing cat.

Whenever I see a little silhouette kitty though I think of my travel-averse little furry soulmate - Maddie though. 

So today's card is 100% aspirational. I used Maddie from the set as the focal point, but also as color inspiration. I thought that the sentiment was perfect for a card with a black cloud on it - and it looks so sharp in black! 

The only pop of color comes from actually a circle image, but I hid it behind the black cloud and colored it rainbow with Graphit.

I am sort of surprised that I haven't thought of this sort of design before with silhouette stamps - I really like it!

PS - I've updated my tutorial database because filters are messing with people's views - so re-click the link on Patreon to see the new view.

We finally got like four raindrops today and I'm thrilled. Doesn't take much to make me happy!


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