Tuesday, January 10, 2023

VIDEO: Sculptural Florals + Coloring Hacks

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It's SPECTACULAR weather here right now. Clear, sunny, DRY and cool. My favorite. What people who don't live in Central Texas don't understand is that there are only like four days per year where you can open your windows and let fresh air run through the house. The rest of the year is off limits. 

So I took full advantage of that this weekend - I loved hearing the birds singing all throughout the house during the day - it's normally completely silent, as we have to seal our houses against the hot air. 

Since we had a polar vortex that killed all our plants (I think we are entering an ice age), I'm extra excited to have gotten to make botanicals that make my eyes happy, so that's what I'm bringing you today. 

First up - a stunning, sculptural Bird of Paradise die. This is one of my favorite flowers in the world, and whenever I find art pieces with one, I get it. 

If you took my Decobrush class, you'll recognize how I painted these using the Decobrush markers - they are so bright and vibrant, and the opacity makes them very much like acrylic or oil paints in the finished projects. I love the way these look. They remain so saturated and bright - just makes my eyes happy!

You can see all my classes here - I have two new ones coming later in the month on creating fine art style backgrounds for dies, so stay tuned for that. 

I used these dies to create a black frame the flowers could pop in and out of, and this thanks die. Tip on the frames die - I leave them attached to the packaging and run them through my machine with black and white cardstock a few times before ever using the dies individually. They are perfectly aligned at the factory, so you can get perfect frames without taping! Then I just pop them in my die pocket for later. To make this card I just grabbed one of the black ones!

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This next card is kind of a good news, bad news situation. The good news is, this stunning die is what I'm using to show you an amazing coloring hack with OLO markers. The bad news is - the beautiful botanical 3D embossing folder I used is sold out. However, you can subscribe to get one each month - it's one of my fave subscriptions. There's a non 3D subscription as well. That's what I used to make these handmade quick journals in this post/video.

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Despite how dramatic these are, they are VERY easy to create! Just wait until you see this hack, which I learned from the die designer herself! Genius. Here's the video.

How's your garden? I'm being visited by lots of tiny birds right now. They are perching in my frozen plants and torturing Splotchy. Maddie doesn't really care - she's not much of a hunter. She just sleeps on her heating pad and waits for me to bring her food like a queen.

Speaking of queen - check out the new podcast about Elizabeth Taylor - it's called Elizabeth the First - I really enjoyed the first episode.

In shows, I'm loving Wednesday, Death in the Dorms, and McDonald & Dodds. 

Hope you have a great week! Loveyameanitbye!

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  1. At the :22 second mark you said you'd post a link to "susan's" channel. May we get that link? I don't know who Susan is and would enjoy seeing where you got the inspiration. Thanks.


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