Friday, January 27, 2023

VIDEO: One Embossing Folder, Five Ways!

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In this world where eggs are $9, I'm on a mission to stretch things! Especially complete luxuries like craft supplies. So I have some stretches for you today!

I feel like people think Valentines themed products can be limiting, but I disagree. The imagery of Valentine's day is all-year imagery - hearts and flowers. But this time of year, we see hearts and we think pink! So I'm taking a different approach to help you transition those fun Valentine purchases into more versatile cards.

The color theory in this first project is one you can apply to ANY layering stencil you have. I'm using this layering heart and flower stencil. All I did was choose two warms and two cools, as you'll see in the video. I also have a very fun and easy trick for lining up layering stencils. These stencils are clear, which I think is the easiest to use. 

I did all my stenciling on top of a card panel embossed with this 3D embossing folder - I think this would be great for St. Patrick's Day because it almost has a shamrock pattern. It's hard to see the pattern in this flat photo - but you'll see it better in the video. I used a sentiment set from this same release, and I separated that with ink blended circles I cut with infinity dies. I added these gems - matching the colors to where they are on the card.

I have to say - using 3D folders is dramatically easier with the universal platform/plates. I struggled SO hard with shims and all sorts of nonsense that came with my machine whenever I tried to use them. Every since Vic on Splitcoast suggested this and I bought it my life is infinitely easier!

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This next card actually is one of FOUR looks you can get with exactly the same process! It's so fun! I used this gold paint, my gel plate, and the same 3D embossing folder and sentiment. All I had to add was a little gold glitter paper to have a really elegant card (plus three more you'll see in the video!)


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Here's the video! Come back for CAKE!

So I made this INCREDIBLE coconut cake this week my friend Bev found on TikTok. As a matter of fact I had a piece with some Earl Greyer this cold morning and it was a DELIGHT. You need to read my notes though.

I realized with this and the tomato bisque recipe I posted yesterday that I've probably exceeded my recommended daily allowance of coconut this week. Sorry not sorry!

I hope you have a great weekend! Loveyameanitbye.


  1. Always enjoy your videos, Lydia!! I love my embossing folders. They are so much fun to use in such a variety of way!!Loved these ideas you shared.

  2. Great cards & inspiration.. I'm glad the plate system is working, I love mine.


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