Thursday, November 10, 2022

VIDEO: Faux Patina with 3D Embossing Folders

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Hello friends! I'm digging out an old favorite today - a faux patina tile look, but in like the fifth different way that I've tried for this look. It seems like there are an endless number of ways to get this done, so I just keep trying. 

The original version, which is an older Splitcoast tutorial you can see here, has you ink the embossing folder on one side, which leaves you beautiful highlights to add color to. But I was using this awesome, large 3D embossing folder that really looks like tile, and I wanted a more blended look, and I also wanted to do a little scientific experiment with both the embossed and debossed sides using the same technique. You'll see the whole thing in the video, but the inks are: Mowed Lawn, Peacock Feathers, Vintage Photo and Juicy Embossing Ink. I used two dies to finish - the layered sentiments die and this awesome layering die - I actually left the dies on the packaging just as they came to get perfect layering! Yes, it works! The cardstock is my pre-cut and scored white base, Pitch Black and gold glitter paper
Stay tuned below the video for a PHENOMENAL new recipe.

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Here's the video!

Okay so this week - y'all know I don't know how to use the TV. Everything I look at is on my computer, and the Other is in charge of the TV. So we watch a lot of cooking videos, and one was suggested (almost never works out for us) that we decided to try and HOLY COW was it good! Oh my word. The guy is from Romania, and I have to tell you - which you already know from reading my recipe notes, it's VERY rare for me to find a recipe that doesn't need tweaking. Some are poorly written, some have obvious problems with seasonings or measurements - it really is a skill to write an excellent restaurant. 

He did not give a name to this recipe so I don't know if this is a dish that is a cultural icon in Romania, but if not, it should be. One big disclaimer - I do not like pork except for bacon. I gave this a try because I always like to try a recipe before changing it, but I will make it next time with chuck roast instead because I just prefer beef. But that being said - everything about this was phenomenal - and the pork was tender and the sauce was stellar. If you like pork, you'll just fall over. So yummy. TRUST THE INGREDIENTS. If you don't eat any meat at all, I think this sauce would be incredible with portabellos, over mashed potatoes or on anything, really. I served this with mashed cauliflower, which I sub for potatoes a lot. SO yummy. Here it is with my notes. I hope you try it. I transcribed it from his video because it's not on his site yet - there's a link to his video as well - I recommend watching it first.


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