Tuesday, November 8, 2022


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I think one of the first full stamp sets I bought was a farm-themed set. I've never had my own farm, but if I had won the Powerball, I would definitely have a farm FULL of animals. My grandfather's family had chickens, and other members of his family farm in North Dakota. My dad's best friend had a farm as well. It's just something I love, so I snap up farm animal sets.

Today I have two cards with the same farm set. This first card was so much fun. I like using dye inks on watercolor paper, because if you smoosh the ink pad on glass instead of a craft mat, it goes onto the paper a little differently, and you can really see the texture of the paper itself. I used Wild Lilac, Key Lime and Blue Raspberry. Then I colored the rooster and chick with OLO markers, and created shadows. When I was done, I looked at it and thought I had made it look like the rooster was saying to the chick - "are you really my son?" :D 

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I LOVE the pigs in this set too - there's a pair of them - I love it when companies do that so that characters can face each other, etc. I love the modular fence too - just stamp it multiple times to extend the length!

I used that as the basis of my scene, and drew in Charlotte, her web and her "some pig" message. 

Then I colored the grass, pig and shadows with OLO Markers, after ink blending the sky with Sea Glass. SUCH a cute scene.

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I hope you are having a good Tuesday. I'll have a new video for you tomorrow! :)


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