Tuesday, November 1, 2022

VIDEO: Creating Perspective With Layering Dies + Clean Craft Room

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I did not make ANYTHING this weekend because I spent all day Saturday cleaning my office and I wanted it to stay that way for a day! Do you ever do that? It's usually pretty short lived, so I thought it was worth a day of a pristine desk. 

I'm trying to get back to the Marie Kondo mode I was in before 2020 hit. There are two closets I need to do, and then get rid of some furniture we don't use. I have a GORGEOUS dining room table from Ethan Allen that has maybe been used three times? SO impractical. Why do we buy thing you "have" to have even though you don't invite twelve people over for dinner? So dumb. So if you live in Austin and want to buy a stunning dining room table and chairs and you DO have twelve people over for dinner, let me know!

So everything I'm showing you today I made a few weeks ago when our first cold snap hit. 

You'll see me me make this whole card in the video, so I won't go over every detail, but what I loved about it is the beautiful cardinal and foliage dies gave me the ability to create background and foreground perspective with layering dies. It's REALLY fun. And it's watercolor, so that always makes me happy. I'll teach you how to make the clouds as well. 

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I also love a good Christmas angel! For this one, you will not believe this, but when I used this background die that debosses and cuts, and rubbed it with this new gold ink, I then used a WHOLE QUARTER sheet of this disco ball paper I've been hoarding! A WHOLE QUARTER SHEET. I feel like I should get an award. It's sooo sparkly. I used it for the halo of the angel as well. I stamped the angel in gold ink on gold foil, embossed it with gold embossing powder and then cut it with the matching dies. Such a subdued card.

The last one - I had to use the Nordic looking layering stencil in blue and pink - overlapping the inks a bit to get a blue violet. Such a fun winter pattern! Then I stamped this bear and his little friend, coloring him with OLO markers and even reflecting the chick color onto his face.

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So here's the watercolor video and be sure & check out the giveaway on my channel.


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  1. I like that cardinal and I share your pleasure on how layering allows you make it more real looking. Plus your multi shades of red really works! What is the tree BG to the cardinal? I don't see it in the supply list. Pretty. I like the nordic look and the almost glowing angel too. :) Margot


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