Monday, June 21, 2021

VIDEO: Bright Vintage + A Warning About Cardboard

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Who says a vintage style card has to be brown? Not I! Today I'm bringing you one of my favorite design styles - collage + vintage - but in my favorite bright, holy trinity colors. No brown in sight! 

I used this gorgeous set with beautiful vintage script images from this new bundle (you can also buy everything separately) and Pumice Stone, Hickory Smoke and Peacock Feathers oxide inks to start building the background, and then progressed with Peacock Feathers Distress ink and the two grey oxide inks and silver gilding flakes. I deliberately chose Tombow Mono Multi for the adhesive for the flakes because it's designed to be tacky when dry and so it's my fave for that technique - regular glue in this case is much more difficult to work with. The dies are nesting postage dies from the bundle.

I repeated the same process with the stamps and dies from the bundle and this time, the only change was Mustard Seed Oxide and Distress ink. I tore strips of music paper for a vertical structure.

On one image, I left the Pumice Stone and Hickory Smoke background and didn't add a top color because it looks like marble to me. I used gold gilding flakes this time and added a sentiment from the bundle. The image of the woman is from this ephemera pack I bought on Etsy

So here is the video of the entire process of today's cards, with a bonus pink card! Come back for an important warning about cardboard!

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Now I have a little warning for you about cardboard.

I LOATHE cardboard. The second a box comes, I break it down and put it in the recycle bin. Cardboard is home to the eggs of a lot of insects like silverfish and roaches and god knows what. 

But we had been saving some boxes in the garage to use as weed control in our flower beds - it's much better than landscape fabric for really stopping weeds, and it eventually breaks completely down, so we were planning to put it down underneath some mulch. I was in charge of the box placement which meant I was holding the boxes between my arms and my body waiting for each bed to get weed-eated and then I laid them out. 

A few days later I woke up with a rash on both of my arms. It was a billion little spots and it went just up exactly to where my sleeve was. It didn't itch, but it took a REALLY long time to go away. At first I thought it was a contact allergy, because I'm allergic to everything, and cardboard does irritate my skin. But the longer it went on, the more it became clear that it was a mite. I figured it was from the garden, because I had also pulled weeds that day and trimmed little oak sprouts, and there are lots of oak tree mites. But there was something in my brain telling me that wasn't it because it was exactly on the exposed part of my arm where I was holding the boxes.

So I did a little research, and dad gum it if there's not A CARDBOARD MITE! 

It went away and all is well but I was so grossed out and hate cardboard even more now - so I thought I'd pass that along. If it got me, I'm sure it could get my pets too. So my no cardboard in the house rule has been doubled down, and if we use any more for landscape work, it will stay outside, not in the garage. 

So there's your PSA for the week!


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  1. Oh, Lydia, I LOVE this postage stamp die! I can see so many uses for it. Can't wait to get my "I want it all" bundle from this new to me company. Thanks for introducing me to it through your beautiful takes on vintage! So beautiful!


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