Wednesday, June 16, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE from Understand Blue!

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Hi friends - 

No card today - I've been hard at work moving my blog feed to a new service, as the existing one is being discontinued. 

If you are seeing this via email - you are all set - you are in no danger of receiving two emails and all is well. 

I will also be sending a brief email to all email subscribers in case they are NOT seeing this email soon. 

The new service lets you decide how you want to see my feed - you can see all the options for how to read my content HERE.

If you are also a blogger using Feedburner, I found the conversion to very simple and am happy with the process so you may want to investigate that before Feedburner is decommissioned at the end of the month. 

Real people answer your questions, LOL. Refreshing.

So carry on - I'll be back with a fun video in the next few days. Please email me if you have questions or if something isn't working. 


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