Saturday, May 16, 2020

Voiceover Takeover by Paul Csomo + Indoor Garden Obsession

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Hey guys!

I'm back with the second voiceover takeover by my friend Paul Csomo - the co-host of the Varmints Podcast

In this episode, Paul tries to figure out what I'm doing with all those rectangles and what exactly Distress Oxides do! For a reminder, he's puzzling through this card in the original video

It's so funny to hear someone who isn't a crafter try to figure out what we are doing! I thought maybe you could use a laugh today - so enjoy! Come back after for a gardening tip and the recipe I promised the other day.

We've been talking a lot about my indoor garden on my daily lives in my class group. I am obsessed with this thing. I'm on day 11 and all my lettuces and tomatoes are a few inches tall. My mom has this one, after trying several other brands, and I can see why she likes this one the best. The design is so simple and sleek. It has built in lights and it waters itself from a reservoir. I have the 9 slot one, and I think my mom has the 9 slot as well as one of the 3 slot ones. So nice to always have lettuce and tomatoes without the romaine fear we all had for a while. I bought mine in early March - and they definitely have increased demand right now, but they are constantly updating the site, so I was able to get the plants I wanted with no problem. Here's what it looks like - not much bigger than the full sized Gemini.

Here are my sprouts! So fun! Tip - plug it in for the first time first thing in the morning, because the light is on for 16 hours, so that way it won't be on at night.

Now I promised you a recipe the other day and then didn't give it to you! Shame on me!

Before the pandemic - like JUST before we started sheltering in place, I had made preserved lemons out of some Meyer lemons grown by a relative. I had all these ambitious cooking plans early in the spring.

I was finally this month able to get a rotisserie chicken, so I made this incredible chicken soup with the preserved lemons. I found it on this website - Soup Addict - which really has some phenomenal recipes. If the first recipe I try from a site I randomly found via search, it's usually a keeper. Her seasoning is spot on and it's such a delicious soup. My tweaks to the recipe are here, along with how I preserved the lemons. Five stars from me. I used the Ninja bullet to make the lemon sauce, and I have rosemary in the yard - I do think it needs to be fresh rosemary. You can find the author on Instagram here as well. Her account is beautiful. I love soup.

Hope you have a fun weekend planned. 

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  1. I'm dying! Thanks for the laughs! And the new soup and bread blog to follow!

  2. Oh my gosh! Paul is SO funny, I can't believe anyone would give a thumbs down. I love how he talks about your rings, I may need to replay it. I love the little indoor garden!


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