Friday, May 8, 2020

DIY Paper & Fabric Leaf Printed Seed Packets

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Happy Friday everyone! I have some SUPER fun projects and a video for you today! I enrolled in a program through the Florida extension service where they send you seeds for a victory garden, along with instructions and membership in a group with other participants. So fun. And my sister and I have been buying and planting seeds too, as have lots of friends and family - so the two of us decided to collaborate on a fun video today! We are making Gel Press printed seed packets to give to friends, using prints from the plants that are currently in our yards! I came up with a little template, which you can download for free below, and I did the paper seed packets, and my sister did the fabric ones! You will see them both in the video. My portion of the video focuses on the printing process.

I learned this technique from Linda Germain in a workshop both my sister and I took years ago. Recently, Sally Lynn posted a video of her doing this technique at a show, live and it jogged my memory of how amazing it is. Now mine are not nearly as pretty and textured as Sally Lynn's are - you can see her video here - but this is a great, simple technique for beginning to learn gel printing because you just pull one print - no layering involved.

We really wanted our seed packets to function as a little time capsule of this strange time - an art journal from the weirdest year ever, so we decided to use the plants from our yards to preserve these days forever in prints. 

This first print is what I call a "dirty" print - you'll see what I mean by that in the video. This is a little twig off the pecan tree in my front yard, using my 5x7 Gel Press and Golden Open acrylics.

From one of the ghost prints you'll see in the video, I used my template to create a seed packet. I used Circle Infinity dies for the closures, with Key Lime cardstock, and some May Arts Twine. I used EYELETS - yes, I'm bringing them back, setting them with my Crop-a-dile for the old fashioned closure. On the front, the beautiful sentiment from this stamp set could not be more perfect for this time and this project. The starting dimensions of the packet are 6x6.

Here are two of the "clean" prints - on the left, my neighbor's ivy. On the right, my pecan tree. 

On the left, a "clean" print from my rosebush - on the right, the "dirty" print from the same. 

One of my faves from the session - the "dirty" print from the ivy leaves.

My sister's fabric version are amazing thanks to this brilliant fabric shaping spray! This coats the fibers of fabric to stiffen it so that it's like paper - so imagine the possibilities! It's also made in the USA, non-toxic and can be washed out. You'll see how she used it in the video - but look at the printing clarity from muslin after stiffening! Amazing! The first bag is printed with a Turk's Cap leaf and Golden Open paints. She used a 12x12 Gel Press for all her prints.

This beautiful packet was printed with Mexican Feather Grass - I love how this looks like denim. The fabric treatment also works to prevent fraying.

This one also looks like denim with a different color of blue - she also used Golden Open paints - and this one is printed with Beggar's Lice - a little sticker weed, but gorgeous on prints!

I'm really hoping the video shows up in email with the new Blogger formatting, but just in case it doesn't - here's the link!

This is longer than my typical video, but I hope you find it fun to watch! Come back after for the template!

Here are all the products we used today.
Face The Sun – Picket Fence Studios
[ PFS ] Armada Art S828c...
16 oz Terial Magic with Sprayer —...
[ TRL ]
Gel Press 12 x 12 REUSABLE GEL...
[ SSS ]
[ SSS | BLIC ]
Inovart Pro-Roller Brayer
DI199 Nesting Circle Infinity Dies...
[ HA ]
Golden Open Acrylic Sets - BLICK art...
[ BLIC ]
We R Memory Keepers CROP-A-DILE...
[ SSS ]
We R Memory Keepers GREY Standard...
[ SSS ]
May Arts SILVER Baker's Twine Twisted...
[ SSS ] Omnigrid R125 Quilter's...
[ AMZUS ] O'Lipfa 66636 Ruler with...
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil -...
[ BLIC ] : CLOVER White Chaco Liner...
[ AMZUS ] : Hammermill 102467 Copy...
Scor-Pal MINI SCOR-BUDDY Scoring...
[ SSS ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | SSS | ELH | MFT ]
Absorber - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth
Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer...

You can download my simple template HERE for free or click the button below.

I'd love it if you made these and shared them with me! Tag me on Instagram if you do! This printing process is so simple and yields such beautiful results, and the fabric spray is magical.


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  1. What a fun project! Just when I thought I didn't need a gel press! I love the leaf printing!

  2. These prints are gorgeous! And the little fabric see packets are adorable! I too am mesmerized by your sister's sewing machine's ability to sew on buttons!


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