Wednesday, March 4, 2020


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I have a condition.

Like every normal person since the 80s, I diagnosed myself with the help of the internet.

I'm sorry to spring this on you, but - I have CONMENTARIUMNESIA.

It's very serious. Under certain circumstances, I'm quite sure you could die from it. Let me explain.

I have more notebooks than I'll be able to use in a lifetime. I have cat notebooks. I have art journals. I have the extremely high quality Stillman & Birn watercolor sketch books. I have little snarky notebooks that say things like "People to Avoid." I have these gorgeous Tomoe River paper notebooks from my brother. I have grid journals for zentangling, dot journals, recycled Decomposition notebooks, which I love. I have these awesome calendars I do little art pieces in each square of. I have planners - you getting my drift?

But APPARENTLY, every time Jet Pens sends me an email with a new cool notebook in it, my Conmentariumnesia takes over.
[Conmentarium - notebook] 
[nesia - she done forgot she had 3,000 notebooks] 

I live to give you new vocabulary words.


I really do have a card today, I promise.

I have a mild obsession with word dies because of the way I teach my classes. I teach background techniques. It's my favorite, because it's something my students can take with them and use ANYTHING they own with it and make a card. It's the universal donor of cardmaking, a background technique.

As a result, I have a large UFO pile of backgrounds from my classes that I can use with my obsession, in this case, this layering Happy Birthday die that has a fun combo of positive and negative spaces - perfect for letting the background peek through.

The background was created with this stencil and this technique. Fun, right?

Everyone can use a simple birthday card!

This is all part of the Lucky To Know You release tonight - and there is SO MUCH CUTE STUFF. Look at this bunny! And these sweet gnomes! I love when we turn the corner to a new stamping season, and spring is always filled with adorableness.

Now speaking of spring and YAY TIME CHANGE AND MORE LIGHT - I have a fun opportunity to share. The people that make my magnifying light have a survey out right now, that if you fill out the survey, you have a chance to win $500 worth of lamps! So go do it HERE! I hope you win! Nearly as much as I hope I win! :).

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  1. You just crack me up. I love that technique! I keep meaning to do it but every time I buy shaving cream it disappears and then I forget to buy more. I want to try it with the Stencil Pal.

  2. I think I have the same condition. The word die obsession, not the notebook one. Lol, I only have 100 notebooks. 😂🤣😂

  3. That is one of my favorite "Lydia" techniques!! I would know it anywhere.

  4. Every since I first read your tutorial about the shaving cream, I was hooked. Love this card and I'm with making the bkgs.
    have a great wknd mf.
    xx Karen

  5. I have this same problem, boxes and boxes of notebooks, and yet I need more! Love your fun background today!


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