Monday, March 16, 2020

You Were Assigned This Mountain

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Howdy friends! I'm back with a simple, sentiment-based card today and a few thoughts on the corona virus, based on what I've seen online.

People are anxious, understandably. This makes people cranky. Alternatively, crankiness could be a symptom of the corona virus - it's too early to tell. I'm sure the CDC will let us know.

But as usual, it's the American way to line up on one side or another of any big topic like star-bellied Sneetches against Sneetches with no stars.

I would caution you that that's a terrible idea in a time of crisis. I would also caution you that it's a terrible idea when there's not a crisis. It's a bad habit, and one we should break for the sake of our culture.

Let's be neighborly. And let's remember - as someone said on Twitter - our grandparents were asked to go to war. We are being asked to sit on our sofas for a bit. We can do this, and desperately need to do this for the sake of vulnerable people everywhere.

AND, there's always an opportunity when you are suddenly forced to endure something terrible, that you can help other people later in your life with the knowledge and experience you gain while you're in the throes of it. Ask me how I know.

So this beautiful sentiment set spoke to me this week. It's just perfect.

I took the new, dreamy Daniel Smith blue - and I'll show you below how I got the color differences - this is all one pigment - and started at the top with the lightest mountain (I painted it all the way to the bottom) and then added the next one, etc., until I got to a shade that was the darkest without interfering with the readability of the sentiment. The reason I went all the way down with each mountain is that because this is a transparent color, I was afraid I'd see the line where I stopped under each successive layer. I stamped the sentiment in Nocturne a few times in the MISTI since the watercolor paper is cold press.

(And to the "unknown" commenter who asked about the Daniel Smith Split group, the link is here. Put in a join request - and most importantly, answer all three questions so you can be approved - on a mobile device, it can make it look like there's only one question.)

Isn't that a lovely perspective? Hard to feel that way when you're squashed under the mountain, but you'll get there.

To achieve the gradation in the color - and by the way, this was the hardest art concept for me to learn - that foregrounds are darker than backgrounds in nature to the human eye - you just need a fairly big mixing surface. I was using this gorgeous leaf palette from Etsy - photo from shop listing. I love this woman's work.

You want a big space because you'll be adding a LOT of water to each iteration of the paint. I put a dot of the pure paint at one end. Then I moved to the other end and created a HUGE puddle of water plus the tiniest bit of paint and mixed it all up for the first mountain. Using the same puddle for the second one, I added water and just a bit more paint, and so on until I was done.

All the supplies I used are listed below. Loveyameanitstayhealthybye.

Gina K Designs HAVE FAITH Clear...
[ SSS ]
Ceramic Palette for Painting Palm...
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Phthalo Blue Turquoise Daniel Smith...
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MISTI Stamping Tool
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  1. well said..... and wonderful BLUE mountain card!!!! Love all things blue!

  2. This is gorgeous! This is my husband’s favorite kind of card. He loves mountains and I don’t make them nearly enough. Beautiful thoughts. I love it! Our grandparents were asked to go to war. We are asked to stay home!! Love you!

  3. Lovely! Very calming to look at.

  4. The card is lovely and so are your thoughts. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful card. And every sentiment in that set is so appropriate now. loveyaandappreciateyanowmorethanever

  6. I absolutely LOVE this card and sentiment today! I sure could use it too1 Your post was really helpful to me too. I feel as if I HAVE been assigned a mountain. Now we've just got to clim over it! Thanks for some supportive words on a gloomy day!
    Warm Hugs,
    Michele K. Henderson


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