Friday, March 20, 2020

Crafty Friends: Pandemic Edition

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Do you miss simple joys?

Me too.

One of the things that is so different is that mail is sort of threatening. We let our packages sit a bit, wipe them down, let them sit in the garage for a few days. It's weird.

It's also weird not to be able to get groceries.

I'm a whole foods person (I mean I eat whole foods, not processed foods) and those are very hard to get. No fresh veggies, etc.

Luckily I always have lots of beans, rice, etc., but it's still alarming not to be able to get basic things.

I miss just normal things, like going to get a coffee, and opening a big pile of mail without treating it like nuclear waste.

But I feel very blessed that I have a million all-consuming passions.

My sister and I have always agreed that we will never live long enough to do all the things we want to do.

I feel worried for people who have woken up to this oddness without a hobby that consumes them!

I hope you are finding something that you never had time to do before that you can focus on. I have waived all the fees for my classes and moved them online. If you have a Facebook account, you can attend those live classes here. If you are hearing impaired, I'm working on getting a transcriber.

I made an AWESOME soup today, which you can find here. It took me nearly ten days to find a sweet potato  - I had probably 20 cancelled orders before someone could find one so I think I loved it even more because of that.

So I thought today's image was especially appropriate for our current situation. It's an adorable stamp set, which can be used for Christmas or all year, and it has such a sweet illustration style. I have a discount coupon code for them too below if you want to stimulate the economy.

I tried to recreate Splotchy with a few Copic markers, and Gina K's Key Lime envelopes, which are my favorites.

Crafty Friends is not about the latest, greatest, newest stamps, so this stamp is actually retired, but I'll never let it go. But you can still enjoy a discount on anything they sell here.

Cute right? Click this banner and use the coupon code to get a discount!

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Want to see more inspiration? 

See my other crafty friends below! 

And most of all, stay safe, healthy and sane. 


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  1. aw, Splotchy is so adorable and I'm with you, that green from Gina K is my Fav. PS, we have resorted to frozen fruits and vegi's to keep us healthy through this.

  2. What is not to love abut an orange kitty? So sweet!

  3. Your shopping story reminds me of this Twilight Zone episode
    sweet card!

  4. Thank you for sharing how you are and what's going on around you. I am so sorry to hear about the difficulty you've had finding fresh, whole foods. I hope it becomes easier soon!

  5. Poor Kellan burst out in tears the other night when we had russet potatoes with our bbq chicken. He wanted sweet potatoes, but there haven't been any in our stores for weeks. It just blows his little mind that there could be things we couldn't buy.


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