Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A Quick Card for Your Grumpy Teen

As a former teenager myself, I always feel the need to apologize to parents of teens.

I stand by my theory that if  you could put humans into a deep freeze from age 13-25, the world would be a better place. Give them nutrition, but please, for the love of God spare them and the rest of humanity the attitudes and behaviors of developing brains.

I should have had a Nobel Prize by now.

Anyway, this grumpy teen card has been in my head since I got this adorable stamp set last year (the shame) and it took the Wreath Builder to make it happen. Bless you Gina.

I set the first panda head up in the wreath builder on the square orientation and stamped him all the way around. Then another panda head perfectly fit into the gaps, so I picked another grumpy one and filled in the grump circle.

I wrapped it all up with this HILARIOUS sentiment - also bought last year and just now used - that is the perfect sentiment. Please, moms - some moms put schmoopy love notes in their kids' lunches - please, for me - be that mom who puts this card in the old lunchbox. You know they have earned it.

I die cut the circle of grumpiness with my infinity dies, and used the next larger die to mat it on black. I popped the whole thing onto a Gel Press print.

You're welcome, moms.


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  1. Oh GIRL. So much YES for this!!!! πŸŽ‰

  2. I get such a kick out of reading your posts....laughing.
    Yes some teens can be difficult for sure. I, on the other hand was angelic!
    Great fun card....
    x Karen

  3. Lol...too cute! Yes, you should have the prize by now! Hmmm...I know a time or two that DH needed this card! Thanks for the smiles!

  4. OMG I so would have given this to my youngest, when he was in high school!! On the other hand, my eldest (24) has his days.... LOL

  5. Fun card Lydia! Thank God my 2 were angels.

  6. This card makes me chuckle! I can think of a few adults I'd like to send this to😳.

  7. You are so good at "nailing it". OMG this is one of your best.

  8. Oh MY GOSH!! This is hilarious, and could fit a few adults that I know as well.

  9. SIGH...will there ever be a day I dont HAVE TO have at least one thing you post about?? We must be some kind psychic twins for product desire...

    Today it is Pitch Black. Seriously. I live in NYC, aka pigeon central. I HAVE TO HAVE that set!

    The card is terrific. I would have laughed my butt off as a teen if I got that and kept. After wondering if mom had a stroke since she never put notes in my lunches....nor did I ever know anyone whose mom did. We were just happy to get our PB&J sandwiches and hope the jelly had not soaked the bread to something not nice to look at.

  10. Thank you!!! This totally made me laugh. My oldest has my heart. Completely. But wow, he can be a ray of pitch black! LOL! Your card totally sums it up! He was home for spring break and although I LOVE it when he is home, I just never know who is going to visit us! :) I love how versatile the wreath builder is! This is totally cute!

  11. Man, oh man. I could have used these about 20-30 yrs ago. Wait. I could use 3 of these NOW.

  12. Lol, that's hilarious! I love the stamps and that gorgeous gel press background!!!


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