Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another Coloring Class, Another Flower

I have another flower for you today from another small class group. The way these watercolor classes work is I talk to the class in general about fear of watercolor (it's a real thing - I think I'll coin Aquarelleaphobia as the official scientific name), investing in brushes and paper, the difference between watercolor and things that are called watercolor, and then I move into small group mode.

Ideally about five people - a small group will get about half an hour of up close instruction on my blending style. Then they get to go back and practice and I take another group.

I say style, and not method, because I'm not a big believer in the latter. I really loathe art rules. It sucks the fun right out of it. I am deeply suspicious of certifications for arty things. That's what makes people think they need a license to use their supplies. YOU DO NOT. You don't need a license, permission, a degree - all you need is time and a lack of fear. The absolute worst thing that will happen from you trying any style of painting, drawing, etc. is that a piece of paper goes into the recycle bin.

No one will die. No one will get yelled at. No animals will be harmed from you just trying something. So do it. And instead of tossing the paper in the recycle - jot down some notes on it about what you tried and didn't feel was working. Better yet - come back the next day and see if you don't like it better - that happens a lot.

So typically in that half hour with a small group, I will have painted one petal of a flower, and done deep dark shadows on another petal that was already dry from another group. This is how you get a flower that will take you all day to paint. It also dispels the myth that watercolor has to be done all in one sitting. Whatever cotton-headed ninnymuggins put that idea into people's heads? I frequently work on watercolor over days or even weeks depending on how busy life is. I only sit down to paint if I know I have an hour or two to spend, because I love the process so much and it's not something I would ever hurry through.

All that to say - behold the beautiful dogwood stamp Fleurette designed specifically for our Junkie Fest watercolor class! I painted this with Daniel Smith watercolor after stamping it in Fadeout ink, and used my favorite #2 brush, which is now carried by Inkon3. The stamp is gorgeous - the buds and leaves make it super fun to paint, and it's big enough to really add a lot of selective detail. I used my favorite watercolor paper and Nocturne ink for the sentiment, which is from this set. The cardbase is slate. This set does have matching dies, but I didn't use them here.
Dogwood Flower 3x4 Clear Stamp Set
[ INK ]
Dogwood Flower Coordinating Die Cuts
[ INK ]
The Most Beauty - ReverseConfetti
[ RVR | SSS ]
Box of 40 little cards with...
[ ETS ]
Fadeout No Line coloring Detail Ink
[ INK ]
Tsukineko VersaFine Clair NOCTURNE...
[ SSS ]
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors
[ BLIC ]
Escoda Versatil Travel Brush #2
[ INK | BLIC ]
Fabriano Artistico Extra White...
[ BLIC ]
Simon Says Stamp Card Stock 100#...
[ SSS ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSW | HA | SSS | ELH | MFT | SBC ]
Lawn Fawn STAMP SHAMMY Cleaner LF1045
[ SSS | ELH | CST | ART | SBC ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]
Multipurpose Liquid Glue by Stampin' Up!
[ SUP ]
Nesting Porcelain Bowls - BLICK art...
[ BLIC ]
My Favorite Watercolor Sketchbook
[ UTR ]

And that sentiment says pretty much everything I'd ever tell anyone about watercolor or art in general.

Now before I go, I want to share something completely wonderful that I found in a card from my friend Charlotte. 

She had sent me a birthday card - PS - thanks for all the beautiful cards! - and tucked inside the card was a little square - with original artwork on one side, and on the back, a sweet message.

The website was on the side with the message and I immediately contacted the creator because I have so many ideas for these and I wanted to buy a box to give away at my retreat.

The owner, Sharon, a fellow watercolorer, is an absolutely delightful woman - we probably talked for almost an hour. She told me how she came up with the idea and what her goals for these were. I told her these would be so perfect for cardmakers to give and pay forward, and that I'd love to hand them out to drive through workers, or to pass along when you buy the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks - one for the barista, one for the coffee recipient. SO many possibilities. So here's what they look like:

Inspiring enclosures by Understand Blue

All that art is Sharon's paintings, and each square is 1.5", and they come in the adorable box above. You get 40 to a box.

Let's support this awesome Etsy shop and share these fun tidbits in our community, shall we? People are awesome.



  1. Beautiful painting as is the norm! Just popping in to say I LOVE YOU!

  2. That card is gorgeous!! And thank you for the reminders to just get in there and paint. :)

  3. You're right! Absolutely gorgeous card!

  4. This is just breathtakingly, stunningly beautiful. Love, love the little tidbits and am heading to shop next.

  5. Thanks for the motivational post because that’s my number syndrome with art in general: FEAR ! The little square cards are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing these as well.

  6. Great card and I am enjoying your corresponding writing blurbs. I say blurbs because I am a loss for what I should call them! Neat thing about the pay it forward cards!


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