Monday, April 23, 2018

Lazy Watercolor Rose

This past summer, for the second summer, I enrolled in a mixed media online class for art journaling. Unfortunately, like my Kit & Clowder pencil class, I didn't have time to actually do the classes this time, which is a bummer, because I really enjoyed the first one. Maybe after my retreat is over, I'll have time to finish all my online classes.

The reason I loved this mixed media class so much is that it was phenomenally upbeat, the supplies were limited, and the techniques were simple, repeatable and fun.

One of those techniques is the one I'm using today - in the class, we used pastels instead of watercolor, but the idea is the same, and so just use whatever you have, along with the one humble supply we all have that you need to make it work.

I hit the "buy it all" button on the Concord & 9th release for April, and I was so excited to get it so that I could color this giant, modern rose. It must be nice for stamp companies to know that the stamping world is never going to get enough of showy florals. I especially like the large ones, because of the opportunity it offers me to shade things for hours, neglecting all other duties and responsibilities.

The technique I used to color most of the rose this time though was literally a two second process, as you'll see in the video, so only the darker shading took a little bit of time. But it was just as pretty without that extra step, so I hope you try it! The magenta and yellow in the rose are from my Woodless Watercolor Pencils, and the dark purple is Polychromos.

Lazy Watercolor Effect Concord & 9th rose by Understand Blue

Isn't that delicate font beautiful? I just added some Pick a Pattern DSP for a border and then put the whole thing on white cardstock.

So - are you feeling lazy? Want to phone in a watercolor effect? Then this video is for you. Watch below or click here to watch in HD on YouTube.

Fun, right? I hope you try it! It is a great technique for mass-producing cards as well.

Happy Monday!



  1. Was admiring this new release yesterday. So beautiful! Love what you did with it, Lydia! <3 I also love that your card features a little DSP - a girl after my heart.

  2. Lovely! I totally get the issue with completing online classes - I forget to do them!

  3. I should have watched the video before I commented --- that is the coolest technique ever! I started the dogs, who were busy getting their morning nap in the sun, when I exclaimed "NO WAY" when you brought out the baby wipe. Very cool!

  4. Wonderful quick technique Lydia! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. I love this technique! I've never seen it before, and I have a stamp perfect for it.

  6. Wow Lydia, this is just gorgeous!!!

  7. What? It's that easy with a baby wipe? Who knew (besides you)? I love that use of deep purple to bring more contrast to the pastel rose. Thank you for sharing with us!!! Brilliant!

  8. Could you show this with the oil pastels? Thank you!


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