Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Where Is Low Heaven?

I was listening to an audiobook the other day - you know I love them. A recent favorite was this one - very dark and strange and fascinating.

Anyway, in this other book, one of the characters says "that stinks to high heaven!"

This is a phrase I've heard thousands of time in my life - not sure if it's a Southern thing, or a Texas thing, but everyone says it.

What I was wondering is - are there less stinky things that stink to LOW HEAVEN?

So if, say, dog poop stinks to high heaven, does something less offensive, but still stinky, like brussels sprouts, stink just to low heaven? And the dog poop shoots past it into HIGH HEAVEN like a rocket?

These are things I wonder about when I'm unsupervised.

I finally had a little time to play with new catalog this weekend, and I was torn (stand by for llama posts), but I went straight for the Fox Builder Punch.


The Fox Builder punch and Foxy Friends stamp set are bundled together for a discount, and I love that you can make a million different creatures with them by switching a few details.

Stampin' Up! Fox Builder Punch Project by UnderstandBluePin It

To make the eyes and the nose, I actually just used a 1/8" circle punch and black cardstock.

I used the Stencil Brushes, Daffodil Delight and the retired sunburst stencil - BUT - you can make your own stencil with the Sunburst Thinlit and some stencil plastic.

That, my friends, doesn't even stink to low heaven!



  1. Its not only that you are unsupervised for some time, its just INQUIRING MINDS NEED to know... some may want.. some of us NEED to know.. Like we need iced tea in the summer in Texas. Gail

  2. Oh yeah. I love this punch set, and the sunrise stencil is a great product. Gail

  3. You KILL me. I never think of that. But then, our brains are on different planetary orbits, different gravitational pulls, different solar systems, different, well, you get the gist/jist/zhist? Aqua fox. This is new to me. Perhaps aqua fox musk is low heaven, not too musky but musky nonetheless.

  4. Oh, how cute!!!! I am thinking a cat could be made from the fox builder? :) Love the sun rays! You made me laugh at the phrase! My mom used to say it. When I say some of the older sayings my kids look at my like I am loony. You made me chuckle at the thoughts you think when "unsupervised".

  5. I think , like so many other things we just reap what we have heard or seen done just because we have heard or seen others do it. Not something I say, but I'm sure I've heard it.

    I would love to listen to the ocean. The good read tags are all over the place with this one. It's tagged from children's to adult book, I wonder what some people consider both. Anyway, it's out of my price range for now and of course my library doesn't have it. So another book added to my tbr. Any chance you have a lendable version?

    I'm not sure I could share my unsupervised thoughts, I might end up in a straight jacket or as a science subject with probes attached.

    And he is the cutest!

  6. You are so funny! Thanks for my morning laugh!


  7. My take on high/low heaven ...
    Low heaven is my box from SU that will be delivered tomorrow. Lots of new catty toys.
    High heaven comes later in life when I get to see all the people that went before me like Mom, Dad and all the peeps in my life that I miss.
    Great question, You gave me a great "thought of the day"

  8. Is there a high hell and a low hell? I bet we all have opinions and thoughts on that, as well��

  9. I heard "stink to the high heavens" in my childhood and I'm originally from Cape Breton Nova Scotia Cabada. I just discovered your BLOG as I was commenting on a post by Tandra Boyer on a SU Demo FB page. Now I'm a fan of your work!!


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